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for A Revolution Kind (previously titled Pretty Shade of Grey)

4/7/2013 c13 Guest
Love! Great story, these boys made me all smiley. I always think it's a real talent when writers can write two very different characters in a first person POV. Not everyone can make it different, but you did a really good job at that.

I really enjoyed this story. Thank you for posting it.
4/6/2013 c9 Guest
Finally! Lol thank you Todd!
4/5/2013 c13 3Chevix
Ok I had to leve a comment since this is like my fith or sixth time reading this story and I have to say that I love it, any gramatical and spelling errors aside! I am forever greatful that you did decide to finish it because it has been so enjoyable to read. Thanks so much for sharing! I know you hope to do some editing and possibly publishing with this (good for you!) but I sincerely hope you come back with new stories for Vaan and Saul as their hummor and energy are just so enjoyable to read about.
3/28/2013 c13 2HelloBilby
I can't even begin to explain how much I love this, so I'm not even going to try. Just. It feels me with such a warm happy feeling and I'm so glad you wrote it and kept writing it and FINISHED it. And I'm so happy that I found this (however long ago it was - I can't even remember) and made the decision to start reading it.
3/22/2013 c3 1Nea.M
a bit confused here, when vaan and saul parted ways when vaan got lunch then brought his laundry to be washed,,, it all happened in the same day right? so i'm confused on the last paragraph... just saying...
3/18/2013 c13 you know them trees
The best story I've read in months! I love it
3/17/2013 c13 10Golfbabe87
I loved this story. There is so much more I want to know, especially both of their family situations.
3/17/2013 c9 Golfbabe87
Yay so happy!
3/17/2013 c8 Golfbabe87
Tee hee.
3/17/2013 c7 Golfbabe87
I agree, more ppl should hold hands dating or not
3/17/2013 c13 HIVENET
3/17/2013 c4 Golfbabe87
Love LOTR and HP.
3/17/2013 c3 Golfbabe87
Now I am thinking incomplete SCI. I absolutely love eyeliner on men soooo sexy. One of my professors is from South Africa, love the accents.
3/17/2013 c2 Golfbabe87
Interesting interaction. I'm assuming complete SCI above T11 or 10? Unfortunately so many see wheelchair and do get weird. I had an assignment where I was required to be in a wheelchair for a day and I went out to eat with friends. It was so awkward. People were either sicken lay nice or didn't look at me like they would catch a disease or something.
3/15/2013 c9 2Dreams-of-Fairies
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