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for A Revolution Kind (previously titled Pretty Shade of Grey)

3/14/2013 c6 Boekwurm
Uhmmnm you sure Saul was raised in my beloved South Africa? Well then why the hell doesn't he lock his room with at least a thousand locks. The crime rate is horrible here. But I love this country and even if I have a dream of living in Australia I will NEVER change my citenshipe.
3/9/2013 c13 1Nuitdemeztli
loved it!
2/22/2013 c13 underlay
wow, this story was epic! did it seriously take you eight years? that is dedication! congrats. i loved all of them and it was brilliant and yeah. i liked how they got so close before they became a couple (although by the time they finally kissed i think i cheered). anyway, ace stuff, hurraaaah!
2/17/2013 c13 lknots
I really liked this story! I loved the dialogue, the characters felt real and warm, and your writing is really good. I do hope you try to get it published, I would definitely pay to read a story as good as this. Thank you for sharing it! (I found it through reviews on Goodreads). Lotta
2/2/2013 c13 6Starlite Nightfall
You are a beautiful creature. I love this story from the bottom of my heart! It felt so real and believable and well-paced and well-written and well done for being able to revive this beauty! All of your hard work is definitely appreciated and adored! This story is fucking amazing. Favoriting the shit out of it right now! Ugh and your humor and descriptions and UUGH. UGH...So I stayed up for like 7 hours maybe...on a school night..till 5 in the morning reading this glory. I only have one class so it's not like my day was ruined, but FUCK WAS I eager to finish this when I came home on my 2 hours of sleep lol. This story brought me so much joy and elation and I can't say enough good things about your writing style and your ability to bring a smile to my face! Thank you so much for finishing this, I applaud you! I am going to go scour your profile now. 3
1/29/2013 c13 21Hybrid Rainbow
I've only been reading this for 4 years.
I am pleased.
Well worth the wait.
1/29/2013 c13 Tinyyellowboxes
A great ending to a great story! I'm so glad you saw it all the way through, despite hiatuses and writer's block. It was worth the wait. Thank you for this amazing story.
1/27/2013 c9 Guest
your writing is AMAZING.
1/26/2013 c13 Katia Kejjel
This story was awesome. I like that it was very modern in that it didn't really matter whether they came out or not, because people wouldn't really care. Also, have to say, I teach ESL in Asia and while I was reading the beginning chapters I kept thinking that a lot of things Westerners find strange (like two boys holding hands) really aren't that odd in Asia. I have teenage boys in several of my classes that are waffling their hands all the time and leaning all over each other and it's totally normal! That's just how bromances are here. I've even seen men walk down the street holding hands. Totally random, but just had to share the thought. I still loved Saul and Vaan though, and how it wasn't a story of being forbidden but just, "Oh, yeah, okay." Fresh and fantastic!
1/24/2013 c13 6R.P. Ann
I LOVED it. Everything of it.
1/21/2013 c13 9PalindromeIsntOne
I haven't been following it for 8 years, perhaps just within a year? The whole journey with these characters has been phenomenal, every moment. I don't really know what to say, but this story, like Vaan's art, is just beautiful and intricate in so many different ways.
-contented sigh-
1/20/2013 c13 LiveLoveRead95
Really liked it. Vaan and Saul felt so real, i wish there were people like them in life. :3
1/15/2013 c13 MiranDuranDa
Wow. Loved it. It's been a long time since I've found something that I literally can't walk away from. It's amazing. I love your writing style. It's so easy to sink into, which I realize doesn't make much sense. Your style is just very believable. A lot of times when reading other peoples' works I'll be reading the story but thinking about the author and why they did or didn't do certain things (which can be anything from plot lines to spell checking). I've never done that with anything you've written. Your story just flows. It's realistic and fantastic at the same time. Never over done.

Mmm, that's about all I wanted to say. I'm glad you didn't Deus Ex Mechanica "Oh look! He's starting to be able to walk again!"

The story was perfect. Thanks for sharing it with us.

1/15/2013 c13 Sapphire2619
Awww it's over, I think it needs a sequel -
1/14/2013 c13 6AraxiaJustice13
Awe I love this! I hope that you plan on publishing this cause it's just amazing
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