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for Forbidden Love

2/17/2011 c1 11UneFille
this is so dark and beautiful at the same time. love it!
3/3/2008 c1 Ricky's Morbid Little Bitch
So pretty... Is it based on a Cradle of Filth song? Her Ghost in the Fog? It reminds me of it. Hmm. If not, then still! Badass! Good job! ^.^
9/23/2005 c1 Broken Spiral
Short but beautiful... I really love your writing style, especially the line "We were kissed and caressed by the demons, and Satan opened his arms and embraced us. We would burn for eternity. Together." An interesting twist to the whole burn-in-hell thing.

2/8/2005 c1 36Silentwriter9
i've read this before and i still like it. you capture the pain and love and the sweet darkness nicely. the form could be tightened up.

*Silent Writer*

Thank you for your review on 'The Riders of Ebony'
11/16/2004 c1 10Miss Lilian
oh my, i loved it! please keep writing. :) it's a really good story.
11/9/2004 c1 90poetic abortion
That was great ! Keep up the good work !
~ Noelle ~
9/30/2004 c1 Cooties
Very cool story! Very mysterious, really leaves you thinking!
9/30/2004 c1 28One Up
who! Nice! i love the line, "I was born in love with you." it's beautiful. short but a great love story.

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