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2/23/2006 c1 3Zardehar
I'm not entirely sure what to say. I came to see what you wrote, the person whom had such nice things to say about my poem. I guess the best compliment I can come up with to give you is that it hurt to read. I could feel the pain seeping through the words. Very nicely written, I like how every line was monitored and how well it flowed. But, like the situation took the narrators breath away, the narrative took mine.

Zardehar Zemme
2/2/2006 c1 24punkesita
omg, so strong...

5/28/2005 c1 120hypocrite extrodinare
wow... I dont know what else to say...
4/22/2005 c1 20Infection
WOW!, you're very talented, great job.
3/24/2005 c1 Oni
Powerful piece, thanks for the review by the way. :) Update more!
2/22/2005 c1 2Elphaba Thropp
You really captured your emotions well in this piece. You have a great talent for writing. You should keep writing.
2/15/2005 c1 84peaceman4ever
wow..i feel the pain in tihs sotry..soo powerful
2/11/2005 c1 53RemyxZer0
Wow...that was amazingly powerful. I only can wish that it weren't true. I hope that you find retribution to this hanous act...wonderfuly written.
2/9/2005 c1 51Kusje
ah, very GOOD! no..not good...GREAT..perfect emotions and i could feel the pain and things you have said in this fiction. great job.
2/4/2005 c1 14The Specialist
This truely captures the thoughts of a victim of rape. Believe me, I know. Its beautifully written, i'd love to read more from you.

Love, GirlsInABlanket
1/26/2005 c1 3Crazy Biene
Oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...wow. I am really speecheless...you are so talented... wow...I have read so many things on fp, but nothing as moving, as impeccable and perfect like yours. Its flows so well, and it is totally poetic...I really enjoyed this, and I am stunned. (Such talent...)

ps-thank you for reviewing mine. UPDATE MORE STORIES! YOU ARE AWESOME!
1/20/2005 c1 16Amethyst Eyed Cynical One
wow.extremely well written.you described the emotions well.your style is great n u definetly have talent.write more soon.
12/3/2004 c1 164asha lie lee
thats amazing. my best friend was raped by her brother, and i can definately know how that feels. she told me in such a vivid picture it was almost like it happened to me. i loved all the questioning too, it brought the story to life a little more than if you wouldve left it out. well done-ace
12/3/2004 c1 127Eirien
Wow. You have a powerful gift of writing, even though I wish you could have been spared the experience that leads to such marvellous literature as this piece. Even though you say your voice is taken away, it comes across powerfully in every word of this. Your imagery is stunning, especially in the second paragraph, you use it perfectly to express the intensity of hate, anguish, loss, trauma. I also like the way you ask how the abuser might feel, whether he is tortured by his conscience. The last line is not necessary for the understanding of the poem because the fact is obvious anyway, but it has a great effect as a final verdict and condemnation.I can kind of relate to this text. If you want, check out my poems on the subject, for instance "Libido" (negative) and "The wounded girl inside of me" (a bit more positive).*hugs* EirienAh, and btw, I think the text in your profile is great as well.
12/2/2004 c1 62graffiti-skies
wow...this is so tragic. its so well described, so well written! wow...its just amazing the way you described how u felt, how u were hurt, and in the end tell us how...
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