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5/30/2006 c1 Lil Dub
Good stuff.It could flow a little better though.
1/6/2005 c1 ernie xP
.. wow. =) u riTe really really well~ wta freak ! some parts of this remind me of lotr =P but yerr this is a kikass story.. i actually wanteD to keep reading it - and i hate reading~! ^^" yuP keep up da smurFtastic work
11/9/2004 c4 Jay
a very interestin story, with very good attention to detail.
too mushy though could have gotten over and done with faster, lol
anyway good job!
10/3/2004 c4 kerrY
luB diS stoRy deeDe3...
iz diS stoRy finisHed or r u addiNg more? i woulD sugGest more..buT itZ uP 2 u...o0h.and b cArful noT 2 maKe it 2 emoTionaL and guRly..
anIwaiz...bo0tifuL storY and ke3p uP da wondefuL work..=]
10/2/2004 c1 MansonAAN
good story bloody gud lotsa description gud imagery i lyk it
10/1/2004 c4 hi
fun loving and carefree story =)
10/1/2004 c1 Edwin Ho
A great story with language that paints a detailed image of epic future warfare. Enters the lives of the characters.

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