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7/5/2005 c15 24xLilyx
aw...that was cute! What a cool story! Keep writing...lolxx leigh
6/27/2005 c14 xLilyx
hehe that was a cool chappie! I especially liked the scalpel bit! lol Ty's such an asshole!. Hows the horse athena doing? I finally got some points yesterday! lol

PLS update soon!
6/23/2005 c13 xLilyx
Seven fires of hell! lol Aw...that have kiddies! too cute!I went to the dentist today, he drilled for ages, it still bloody well hurts!

aww it's nearly finished! update soon!
6/1/2005 c10 xLilyx
sorry i havn't reviewed in ages but i've been busy! Those last coupla chappies were really good! lol i love Drea! She's cool!the irish kick ass...even us northerners...hehe

are you continuing this or doing a sequel?
5/31/2005 c8 JT FAN
i like it a lot.please keep going.cant wait to read the next chappie.
5/30/2005 c8 6Adders721
Aw...I love Drea and how she acted with the evil parents. I can't wait for more and your very good for getting this chapter out so soon! Please update soon again if you can!~adders~
5/30/2005 c7 Adders721
I like this Chapter I am glad that Blair finally told Maddie that he loves her. Can't wait for more and I hope that the baby is Blair's! Can't wait for more!~adders~
5/9/2005 c6 24xLilyx
oh sit alrite! lol how are they gonna get out of this predictament? hehe update soon. I loved the dressage to music bit. I remember seeing the world championships (on vid of course lol!) it was really cool. Though i am in no way musically talented! im pathetic actually...
4/3/2005 c5 catherine
THATS WHERE YOU END? ARE YOU CRAZY? this is great. you know what you have to do next? you remember all those stories you wrote like 3 summers ago with sam and pat and stuff? Put them up here those are GREAT!
4/2/2005 c5 xLilyx
cool chapters! sorry i missed them i was probably of messin around somewhere lol My instructer took a bad fall today in a qualifyer for Balmoral. She was knocked out for a while. I had to help her do her stables up. Annies over there anyway she took another rodeo fit on me the other night I didnt have a chance though cos she stopped and turned, of course bucking as she turned! lol i was floored.Lingering touch cool name!
3/29/2005 c3 6Adders721
I your story! What is up with Storm! Can't wait for more! Update soon!~adders~
3/29/2005 c2 24xLilyx
i havnt read this in ages i have to keep remembering who is who!lolupdate soon
10/27/2004 c1 xLilyx
AH! A SEQUEL! U never said a sequel was coming! You horrible, sneaky person! lol Do continue, this is extremely funny. BTW. I think the blue hair sounds cool...but hey thats me...lol
I'm still looking for a bloody horse. Who would've thought it would have been this hard to get a good horse in N.Ireland!
10/19/2004 c1 13BellezAzul
This is very exciting! Tension relationships are always the best :) Ya know... all right well yeah please update soon. I tried reviewing the other story you wrote, I forgot the title, but the one with Talon, but it wouldn't let me so here's another review! I love them both! update this story soon! :o)
10/16/2004 c1 6Adders721
WOOHOO! Sequal! Can't wait for more I love how he is Talon's identical twin! He seems to have a bad temper! LOL! Can't wait fo rmore Please update soon!
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