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2/7/2006 c1 3D.H. L'Orange
aw this was sweet! i think i liked Ambrosius and Kiet's story the best. And after reading about Kiochi's sudden appearance, you've got me all itching to learn his past...

: )

12/13/2004 c1 Rose Shard
Holy poopy! I thought I had already reviewed this! Dang my memory...

Anyway, favorite part: It's even better to read what happened between Haroun and Lyris when they first when it's 'actually happening'. It seems that even after 12 years of being friends, they still fight a lot...^^;

I also :loved: Zadekiel's reaction to his new big brother...*snickers*...screaming right in Zamiral's face...lol

Hmm...the relationship between Ambrosius and his sister reminds me of the relationship I hold with my brother...;P But...all I could say was 'wow' when Ambrosius healed Kiet's heart. I'm surprised doing something that freakin' hard when he was still so young didn't kill him! :O Ah, yeah...and Koichi :did: make :quite: the 'hello' for Peador...=D But I must say two things overall: YAY! Second anniversary! *throws confetti around everywhere* And, congratulations on writing yet another great story with our little characters from 'The Minstrel Boy'. :)
10/20/2004 c1 KoaruFan
woot for background :D good idea, and worked out well! :]
10/16/2004 c1 8Edana
Ack, sorry for another late review, but with starting university and moving and such . . . yeah, sorry ^^; Anyway, I can’t believe you’ve been writing The Minstrel Boy for two years! (Well, actually I can because even though I used to finish my novel-length stories in about sixth months, now they’re taking much longer!) But anyway, Happy Anniversary, lol. This was an interesting piece of writing in seeing how all (most of) the characters first met, and their reactions to each other. It’s funny that Haroun and Lyris haven’t really changed in their relationship, with aggressive Lyris and poor little confused Haroun not knowing why he gets the brunt of his friend’s anger even if he deserves it. Ambrosius and Kiet meeting was sweet too, and I can see how something like healing another person’s heart can lead to a close friendship. I’d like to see more of those two in the story, but that’s just me adding my opinion ^^ Anyway, interesting insight into the characters and I hope that you update, well, any of your stories really, soon!

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