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12/13/2004 c8 26PNEK MEKS
Ah...friendly local news station wars. That is some great shit. Bullets flying, men dieing, screams from the news casters...music...pure music. Well, it's still a kicking ass story. So we'll just see how chapter 9 goes...hehehehe.

12/12/2004 c7 PNEK MEKS
I still have 2 chaps to go, but I'm taking a break here, so I'll review what I've read so far. I can you write with a headache? I can barely write when I'm hungry, and I can barely do shit except lay down when I have a headache. You must have the enduance of a steel wall if you can write while in headache mode. And I commend you for that. By the way, the story is great! The whole "boy meets asasin at borders" thing is an interesting plot twist. Not to mention going out to kill her old boss, and lot's of action scenes. Gotta love those! Well, I'll be back later to read the rest. You'll see a review from me then. Chow

12/10/2004 c4 PNEK MEKS
This is good, and If I have too, I will inflict headaches upon you in order to read more. * smiles * I'm a devil on the inside. Good luck with your next headache. I sure hope another interesting chapter comes out of it.

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