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for So Juvenile

11/21/2004 c1 11The Rush
Hey! Thanks for reviewing the Curse of Wolf Manor!

Good premise you have here. You have an interesting way of portraying society - I don't think it's QUITE as harsh as you say, but hey! it's fiction, and this trifling thing doesn't affect your story in any way.

Keep on writing!
10/10/2004 c1 Bob'N'Cat
Not your best piece of work, sadly, but still good enough for me to read. Towards the end of the paragraph before Lyle gives his home phone number it seems as if it were written to express your viewpoint instead of actually being part of the story. That's only in my opinion though; but nonetheless, job well done.
10/3/2004 c1 26Endless Nightmares
Hey- neat story. Keep up the good work.

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