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12/28/2006 c1 72dirt-is-yummy
Hey, I just added some new stuff to the site, and I was wondering what everybody else around here was doing. Daisy deleted all of her stuff, but yours is still up and I realized that I never read the last two so I figured I'd leave you some comments. I was wondering what you were up to and if you were still writing or not. The poem is great of course. It always amazed me how good your writing was for someone your age. The way you use words is so powerful.

I hope you're doing alright :)

2/20/2005 c1 21darkaura de shadow
ok first of all you are a good writer,but i have to admit thses are kinda scary,but who doesnt write this way?i think the poem was well written and you should write what you feel b/c its better than killing yourself!
1/11/2005 c1 25Chandra Chhaya
Wow. That is good poetry, but quite depressing. I personally think life is a challenge that we must overcome, no matter what, although I do not think of Death as frightening...


p.s. thanks for your review!
11/11/2004 c1 858Anna178
This is fairly creepy but still great...you are a wonderful writer...don't ever stop...
10/28/2004 c1 45Sammy- B
whoa...wasnt expecting that! that is (excuse my french) freaking awesome. This is really amazing, I'm almost speechless, except I'm still talking...anyway awesome job!
10/10/2004 c1 32SilverRaiine
Sorry it took so long to get a review in to you-the review-thing wasn't working, and my internet was screwed up after that. Thanks for the review!
This is really good...the twist at the end made me want to cry. Honestly...Wow.
Favorite Lines: the same way he's been killing me
the same way he's made me live
the same way he's made me die
That's probably because I can relate to them most. Keep Going...Don't Give up...
(By the way, in your bio you talked about how at school someone said jokingly, 'Steven everyone hates you.' What grade are you in?)
10/4/2004 c1 Crimson Arranz
wow... i'm always amazed in front of the power in your writing... doesnt fail yet again... hope you're ok

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