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for Jake & Callie

9/11/2007 c1 outsidersgirl
this is good
4/15/2006 c8 21princess max
Cool, you updated.

Also, congratulations on your good news.
2/24/2006 c7 princess max
Humph, well sorry Jake, but it's a bit too late. God, what an ass.
2/21/2006 c6 princess max
She was *kidnapped* as a child? Wow, that's definitely interesting. I love the way their relationship has matured, too. That's a nice touch.
2/19/2006 c4 princess max
Congratulations on your engagement. Two years old? Gosh, I didn't even look at the 'last updated' date!

Anyway, I wonder what Jake is up to...hm, and Callie works in archaeology? Interesting career choice.

Oh, btw, a doona is kind of like a quilt. You whack a doona cover over the top of it, to stop it getting dirty, as the doona itself is normally white.
2/17/2006 c3 princess max
Good start, it gives a good introduction to everyone. You're also introducing characters at a good, steady rate that I'm quite jealous of:)

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