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for The Princess and the Peasant

6/18/2013 c3 Guest
I liked the story you have a well given talent 3 :) Very Entertaining as I read I imagined word by word as if I was watching a movie 3
12/22/2010 c3 KYK
Still loving it! Dang it.. I still hate that u did that... ugh! LOL :)
3/3/2006 c3 25raniaur
Yes, so diff. from the rest of your stories...my honest opinion on this would be that, if I was looking for a short story...I'd like the ending...considering that I'm not...I hate the ending...since the whole story seem to suggest the cliche which shoulda happened and didn't *shrugged* oh well, my loss, no matter, tons of more stories right...update on 2 hearts plz. =)
8/24/2005 c2 14j0zz
wait. i read it again. and now that i think about it..ELLA IS SUCHA HOE jeez she even pissed me off :(
8/14/2005 c3 j0zz
omg ur horrible no i wanted derek and ella to be together forever. who cares bout stupid emma and the other girls or stupid prince charming that didnt care about ella only his looks and her looks and he left her without a single glance back or worry about her or whatever.
4/23/2005 c3 4animeworld26
xD OMGsh! I didn't expect the outcomme would turn like this..dang... that arrogant princess _*sighs* I'm disappointed yet happy @ the same time ^^" heh...im weird =Panyways, good job! so short ...=D
2/12/2005 c3 5Shadows Fury
This was a very intersting story. Very cute and fun to read. I liked the ending. *Grins* of course your english teacher loved it, this was great.(He/She would be stupid not too) Anyways, all in all I loved everything and keep up the amazing job!
12/31/2004 c3 14Grape
This was an interesting story *Laughs* I don't know what to think really. For it being your first time writing in first person you did a fabulous job! Anyways great story.
12/9/2004 c3 3SnowAngelz
i like the story so far.. quite interesting...but i dont like emma and peggy they were so mean! but i really thought that wat derek sed was true and really realisitc, it was sad cos it was the cold hard truth.i just have one question, is derek 'the' peasant? because Ella is the 'princess' n so derek must b the 'peasant'... right?
11/20/2004 c3 4quotata
a bit like reality i suppsoe... you do wnat to change...but old habits grow hard...and acceptance means alot...
11/1/2004 c3 4kaab
Finally you post this goddamn story! GEez.. waiting forever and i know people will love it! i STILL THINK YOU SHould make a sequal... hehehe... you know.. like the way we talked about it! hehe...
Gotta LUff Meeh!
10/21/2004 c3 8Hotkitty
that was realli cute... cant u post more chappies and make it into a longer fic cuz i'd sure review. Nah i didnt reckon she'd change but i didnt review cuz ffpress is messing up, im not making this review 2 long cuz ffpress mite mess up then ill get angry. I reviewed Dark sins on the last posted chappie but i dont think it worked and wenever i go back it doesnt work, but i have read it.
10/16/2004 c3 3naivete chica
Lolz...turns out that I was wrong about the frozen rose theory. Didn't sound much like a tradgedy though =S Just general.
10/16/2004 c2 naivete chica
Alloha! One question...is the story of the frozen rose in Dark Sins this story? Cus then...I know wat's gona happen...yippie! ^^ Yeh, I'm a bit crazy...just a bit ;)
n[a]ivete chic[a]
10/15/2004 c3 5serpentynepearl
Ha ha, I like the end. You're English teacher's got good sense (sadly, when we were writing short stories, we got an A for mechanics, but got a B for idea... *sighs*). Great story, it's good.
-Naer Yoshino
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