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for Rose of the Soul

3/2/2005 c1 12Thimble
Good poem, lovely metaphor, i loved your comparison with the seasons and talking of a rose as if it truly had personality, hopes, and dreams. It made the world seem alive and beautiful, as you mentined in it. and i like how you questioned it, it added more personality to it. I love nature which is why i see so clearly the beauty in it. And also i liked your sense of rhythm in this one, and when you wrote me i can make out how it was related to the other poem. But the thing i also i like about this poem is that there is room for compromise in the way of meaning, it can be stretched and mean other different things, which is what i thought made this poem good for the meaning is in the eye of the beholder, and can mean so many lovely things.

good job, never stop writing ^-^
2/1/2005 c1 21Blazingkitten
I loved it. Nice poem and it flows nicely. Check your email please.

1/2/2005 c1 612simpleplan13
very nicely written.. cool rhyming and thanks for your reviews!
10/27/2004 c1 7Alareic
:D Awesome star! I didn't recieve this in my AAs...weird...anyhoo, update stories soon! CA has been updated, ciao!
10/25/2004 c1 15MercuryMoon
hey hey! long time no see :) sorry about the late review, but the first time i tried, the reviewing wasn't working, so i'm making up for it now. ;)
I like this poem. One thing I would suggest is don't always make the stanzas one line. and i g2g so bye!

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