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5/20/2001 c1 T
awwwwww that's sad, I might have to move to San Fransisco soon ( I can't do a crying face ) but it was a very nice poem ^_^
1/27/2001 c1 3Lady Frost
Oh, gosh, this was beatiful! I just recentally moved and left behind a freind I've known my entire life. This made me cry!
1/19/2001 c1 32Chajiko
Oh man, that's exactly what it feels like. Awesome job! This is going into my favorites!
1/16/2001 c1 4Lady Callie
I know how you feel. I moved away from my best friend 10 years ago. I see her about once a year. Our friendship has changed, she likes different things then I do. We're still good friends, just not bestfriends. It helps to write letters and e-mails. A phone call on speical days, like birthdays, can help tons. I wish you luck in your friendship. If you are strong, it will survive. LadyCallie p.s. Thank you for reviewing my poem 'My first bestfriend'.
1/13/2001 c1 I-Change-My-Name-Way-Too-Much
I'm moving away from my friends. But I can't wait, I'm fed up of them pretending to still like me.
1/12/2001 c1 Blue Bells
That was beautiful.
1/12/2001 c1 91unwritten
really good!

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