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for Human Cloning

6/2/2008 c3 15Lorki
Well My promised review. I thought this Essay would be a bit more scientific maybe addressing social, ethical and scientific aspects of cloning and something along the lines of pros or cons but it comes off much more as something that just dogged on religion and how it effects the sciences. Also if your goal is too look at religion, Christianity isn't the only one out there, plenty of religions have much strangers ideas about the soul and if religion is going to be part of your essay I think more then just one should be addressed.

I also wanted to let you know that I think you misunderstood the sarcasm in my essay on society. You may want to take another look at that.
2/17/2005 c3 3Crazy Biene
Thanks for ur review. This is a really interesting topic. Even though I am a christian, i am also a science fan. I think cloning has its ups and downs. It could open new opportunities for medicine and learning. I am still researching this, however, and I do not know that much, but th idea of creating something is intriguing and makes u wonder whether we are doing the right thing. I love the way u organized this. Very well done.

ps- thank you so much for ur review. I agree with u, some ppl do tend to reply back abusively, which is really uncalled for. I just started writing, and the reason I came here was bcz I wanted to learn. I appreciate critiscm (not flames), cz its making me a better person. I did not come here to get many reviews, but it does feel good to know tht other folks are reading ur work, lol. I really appreciated ur comment. Thanks a lot.

Love Biene
11/19/2004 c3 144Infinite Smiles
Great points...

I enjoyed reading it.
10/23/2004 c3 Rach
HI!. nice to see you back. um good replays.
please update soon
see ya
10/22/2004 c3 21princess max
I really don't understand why you started off talking about the soul and Christian ideals. If you're starting with a religious perspective I think this could have been a lot more well-rounded. Also, a 'general moral' reaction to cloning would be interesting. I have no religious affiliations and yet I *don't* believe in IVF or assisted reproduction unless the parent's are infertile due to non-hereditary and non-age related problems (i.e. I only believe it should exist where the causes of infertility are accident related).
I suppose I opened this looking for something a little meatier and am disappointed that you haven't written a clearer, more concise and wide-ranging essay rather than mere ponderings based on a religion everyone's sick of seeing targeted/shoved down everyone's throat. That said, I will await further additions in the hope that you'll touch on the medical, ethical and social issues that pertain to human cloning.
10/21/2004 c2 John Stein
"If that's the case, then logically, the younger of any given set of identical twins would also be a soulless abomination. Is it, therefore, immoral to give birth to twins?"

While I'm no Bible expert, I can tell you where your argument falls apart. You say birthing twins should be immoral my Christian standards b/c they would be genetically identical, etc.

But the fact is, twins are not entirely identical. Even if everything about them is virtually the same right down to the bloodtype, they're not the same. The only proof needed would be their fingerprints. If I were 40 and i had a 10 year old clone, he'd have the same exact fingerprint. He'd be a copy. Not the same with twins.

Clones would have a soul, but it's not right to create them. By the way; like the chapter name.
10/21/2004 c2 16Pico the Great
THat, actually, was my first impression when I saw the first sentence here: WHy wouldn't a clone have a "soul"?
I like the arguement you present in your fourth paragraph down: THe idea of clones (animals?) killing people, and it not being morally wrong. THis gives lots of food for thought.
If asked, I would say (no, I'm not being a suck-up, I'm simply agreeing) that a clone would have to have a "soul," or whatever it is that makes anyone else human, in them, because how else could it be? Clones (twins, siamese twins) are just as much peple as non-artificial people. And wow, that last sentence could be brought to arguement,too, I guess. Anyway, I'll continue reading this
10/17/2004 c2 90The Zaniak
This essay didn't seem as organised as the essays by you I'm used to reading...I'm not sure why.
10/16/2004 c2 Rach
HI!. I don't think it is a great idea to have human cloning because pesure could be put on them to behave exactly like the person they were cloned from.
now I may be religious but I don't argge with the clones having no soul everyone is a soul already.
anyway good work on this
see ya

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