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for Video Games Don't Suck, But Stupid People Do

10/16/2004 c1 2nl1
Whoa! Calm down! This is a good essay. But saying stupid people should be shot is rude! I am a video game fan and a really big Nintendo fan. I just made a mistake, big deal. This essay has a some good points though.
10/16/2004 c1 6Avsman 5000
Don't get me wrong, I like video games, but...
I kinda gotta disagree with the whole point of this essay. You're making yourself just as bad as the people who are saying that video games are bad for you, because you're just attacking them right back. Nobody called you stupid for liking video games. And I do believe that video games can lead to violence, if you're giving a game like GTA to somebody who is already crazy in the head. And saying that stupid people should be shot? Umm, okay...
You do make your points though, so I'm still gonna say that this is a pretty good essay
10/16/2004 c1 2Ghost Host
amen, I have a teacher who plays Harry Potter, Mario, Duck Hunt, etc. And she isn't killing us. I agree that a six year should not be playing GTA. Even I don't play that.
10/15/2004 c1 XX
Wow! I feel dumber already! It's like someone craped on a wall and it came into the shape of this essay. Your reaction to people disagreeing to you is scary! Ex: Someone says "video games suck" You scream " NO THEY DON'T YOU IDIOT! YOU DIE NOW!" You then scream at them for weeks until they call you GOD.
Good bye you moron!
P.S. Get a life!
10/15/2004 c1 No Trust
I fail to see how a video game making you fart a music scale could be considered a Bad Thing.

“HELLO! Lady, your son is six-years-old, and you’re going to let him play one of the most violent, ADULT games on the market.”

If I had a six year old kid, I wouldn’t mind letting him play Vice City.

“Parents need to take the responsibility for their children and to make sure they are NOT playing games like that when they are so young.”

Or, you know, beat some moral sense into their asses so that even if they do play violent video games they know not to pull any stunts in real life.

“That game is not intended for young children who can’t really tell the difference between what is real and what is not, and it just leads to them getting a skewed perspective on reality.”


“I seriously credit video games for my good reaction times – it’s been a great help when I have been driving on all these New England roads, where animals can leap out in front of you at any second.”

You would be wrong. I’ve played video games my whole life and my reflexes aren’t nearly that good. But I’ve mastered ways of compensating for my below average reflexes, which probably can be at least partially attributed to gaming. So maybe you’re right.

“There is usually something for everyone and, at least for me, they’re a great way to have everyone come together and have some fun that doesn’t involve everyone getting stoned or drunk. Or naked. But that can be fun, too. ;)”

You can always get drunk and stoned, and then play Strip Super Smash Brothers.

“In conclusion, all stupid people should be shot”

Stupidity is relative.
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