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8/13/2006 c11 shayu
2/9/2006 c11 12the devil herself
Ah swimming i do lost of that or i try to. this chap was good and the twist was neet. Baret is a dork but that cool to. over all i like thins chapter. the devil herself
2/5/2006 c11 2Ariana McKenzie
Aww, you updated! Hooray! It's like we're each other's update-alarms. Fun! Oh man, you said "care a fig" and I said that a few days ago and wrote it in an article, and no one else ever knows what that means! Bizarre, eh? Well, Baret still rocks my socks. Hopefully one of us will update soon right? :) -Ariana
1/25/2006 c1 shayu
... ;)
10/15/2005 c10 1queen-lala
another great chappie! love it more and more! update soon^_^
10/14/2005 c10 12the devil herself
its good could use a little somthing but i can't tell what but other than that its fine.
10/14/2005 c10 2Ariana McKenzie
That was cute! I love street urchins! And very nice with the dialogue, I can imagine how you probably sat there saying the words over and over until you could type it out. :) Yeah, been there before. It would be lovely if you made Baret the killer and somehow tied it in to make him like... ruthlessly loveable. I mean, all men can't be perfect, right? Flaws are yummy (sometimes). Nice chapter, and I promise not to throw anything as I wait for the next chapter, though you're free to throw things at me. Teehee. Kisses to Baret! -Ariana
7/12/2005 c9 1Limegreenqueen
sry sry sry i am so sry that i didnt get to review immediately but i was out of town. but i am glad to be back and reviewing agian. this chapter was pretty good. i didnt want jo to suspect baret that would be totally wrong for a fiancee to be disloyal to one another and i am glad that she now bwlieves him. is she crazy talking about she wants to find the killer. she should really calm dowmand just go back home to her awful family but what fun would that be. anyways keep writing i cant wait until the new chapter. update soon love karla aka limegreenqueen
7/8/2005 c9 12the devil herself
hay i like it. the devil her self
7/7/2005 c7 10BabyBarth
LOVE THIS STORY! wow, how fun is this? Can't wait for you to keep updating, and I LOVE your story. Keep it up- even if the reviews don't come.
7/7/2005 c9 2Ariana McKenzie
It's cute how Jo is flitting from emotion to emotion regarding Baret... but it would seem a little more convincing if she were more hesitant in wrapping her arms around him ;) But I'm still loving it. Woohoo! Go you! And keep the fluff coming dearie :) -Ariana
7/6/2005 c9 MissyMay
Oh this is getting very interesting! Although, i wonder whyt she would think it was Baret, if i would suspect anyone I would have gone with the husband. I like that she's independent but i hope she and Baret can open up to each other and join forces. Great chap. i look forward to the next one!
7/6/2005 c9 B.R.35
I like it ! Didn't expect the death of his mother , but it is an interesting twist. Keep on going with this story!
7/5/2005 c9 birleywhirligig
Oosh... sorry, oosh is my word of the day. I like where you're taking this. Great chapter anyway... And no, I am not in the bathroom anymore. But yes, keep writing. Update quick!
7/5/2005 c9 1queen-lala
now i love it even more^_^.. LOL. update soon.
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