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8/12/2005 c1 Adra
That's so beautiful. It has the feeling of innocents and truth. very well done.
1/6/2005 c1 2vanya moonshine
First, thanks for reviewing my "Tips To Annoy", second, that was beautiful. :) I loved it! Keep on writing. - V. Moonshine
12/15/2004 c1 30Weeba
Oh, beautiful. The images are lovely and vivid, I can see and feel everything happening...I love the oranges in particular. I usually can't stand poetry that tries to describe food, but only because most of it is so terrible; I loved that stanza.

And the third stanza, too, was very moving. I was at a funeral once for a man I didn't know (he was about 50), and I cried. I couldn't really understand why. I could really identify with that image.

Grand words don't seem right for this poem; it's simple and sweet and just right. I usually show off my vocabulary with a nice "magnificent" or "fantastic"; but this isn't either of those things. It's bittersweet and heartbreaking and quietly reminiscent. Wonderful.
12/6/2004 c1 194Aslan Israel
Another wonderful poem, really. Great job on this.
11/29/2004 c1 rain-angel03
this...is so good...and sad...but GOOD! love that last part.
11/22/2004 c1 16Pico the Great
Good. Realy good stuff, love the imagery here. The frist couple stanzas are great, andthe ending pulls them all together v. well.Love the last line.Kudos!-PTG
11/14/2004 c1 23feelingloved
This is my favorite of your poems so far. I love how you've taken the weeping willows, and turned it around for the willows to be weeping for the boy. And I love the last two lines. They're very conclusive to the poem. Much better than in the Whitewashed Walls poem, if I do say. I'm not always one for puntcuation, but this is such a narrative poem, I think that it would benefit from periods and commas and whatnot. Just a suggestion though, of course. Good luck in your future pieces :)
11/10/2004 c1 10AzNDrEAmEr77
ai very intense goody
11/3/2004 c1 7Quill of sanguinity
Subtle and touching... The tone is smooth and sort of serene, and I like the gentle rhythmic beat
10/29/2004 c1 4Candy-yum-yum
wow, this is really deep. acctually, i just attended my great-grandmothers funeral last wednesday. it was truley sad, but i'm glad i understood what was going on. i love memories, i've been remembering random ones lately, i like this poem.
10/26/2004 c1 34moonarised polane
this is really gd. it captures all the childhood memories you hold dear to you and draws the reader in.
you maintained a gd sad tone throughout the whole poem. that was really well done.
your ending was really well done.
wonderful work here!
10/24/2004 c1 6purplemuffin
*crosses fingers* plez let me review plez let me review...
its so wow... and so sad and and and... *sobs* ur gunna make me cry! but i remember... *sniffle* *whimper* aw...
10/17/2004 c1 1pianomaestra
Wow, very powerful. This may be your best poem yet, though the saddest. But still, I think it's great.

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