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for What Is War?

1/30/2007 c1 ICU2
You reviewed me like 3 years ago and I never got to read your work. I like this piece. And I KNOW what you mean.
3/30/2005 c1 159Opus Nite
Hello. First of all, i wanted to thank you for all of your reviews. I meant to get to you, and i have read some of yours, but i couldnt' remember if i wrote a review...so... her i am!First of all, it's nice to see my same thoughts reflected in someone else's words. I agree with pretty much all the statements, including linking the hummvee with Sudan. I think maybe you should writ essays on this subject or similar ones, if you haven't already. Other than that... i look forward to reading more from you.
1/10/2005 c1 WarriorHeart
interesting. it had a great flow and gave me new things to think about.
11/1/2004 c1 3Lil' Bro
Neat! :screams neat: I like it!
You use similarities!
10/30/2004 c1 1kelseypaige
Ok, first off, I just want to say that an argument always has two sides, and I whole heartedly respect your side, and I hope you dont get mad about mine.
/What is money?
The right to drive a Hummer outfitted with DVD players and chrome rims while Sudanese refugees die of starvation every day?/
I do have a question. Why do people like you act like it's the rich people's fault that Sudanese refugees die of starvation every day? As far as I know, rich people work, or have worked, for the money they have today. It's completely unfair to blame poverty on the wealthy.
Oh, and a response to your response to my response to Ovaia Pelosa poem. Do you honestly think anyone, if they were President, could've stopped the second and third plane from reaching their targets, while in the middle sitting in a classroom full of third graders? And where did the thought of 'staring blankly at a children’s book' come from? Is that something you made up for fun? To support the deocratic cause?
Thanks for listening to my ideas. You dont have to stress yourself, get angry, or even beleive them in the slightest. Just another person pasing on their politcal beleifs to another.
Oh, and for your poem, it was really well written. Poem-wise, anyway.
Have a nice day.
~Fallen Fantasist
Oh, and if you really do feel compelled to respond, I really wont mind. E-mail me or something. I really wouldn't want you to keep all your ideas to yourself.
Or write another poem. Thoes seem to get around well.
10/21/2004 c1 21Ovaia Pelosa
i like this a lot. it sounds very song-like. im afraid you'll probably get reviews from a bunch of pissy chickenhawks, so i'll take a page out of mr. bush's book and respond preemptively. they'll probably say "you don't support the soldiers!" ok, lemme state the superobvious- supporting war is not supporting the soldiers. i think the reason that conservatives go on about how the soldiers are GREAT BRAVE GODLIKE HEROES is so that people will forget that, however heroic, soldiers are still human, and do not want to die. sending them to their death is not supporting them. also, if bush loved the soldiers so much he might get them body armor. also, it is a nonsensical argument to say "the soldiers are heroes, don't insult bush!" yes, the soldiers ARE heroes, but bush is still a lying douchebag. i frankly dont see the connection at all. also, they call liberals cowards, lemme point out that the conservative position is the most cowardly in the world its like "I'm so scared of the big bad WMDs! i dont care if they exist or not, I'm scared! and im scared of those scary brown people with funny names! i dont care if american kids have to die, i juat wanna be snug and cozy and safe! i dont even care if you have to blow childrens arms off and bomb maternity wards in hospitals! i just wanna suck my thumb and hug my teddy bear and let other people die to keep me safe me from the big bad scary evil world." and they say iberals are girly men. i mean, really. just disgusting. ok, anyway, great poem! sorry for ranting. i just really wish consevatives would just stand up and say what they really care about, not soldiers, not bravery, not unborn children, certainly not God, not freedom, not the military, not any of that. just MONEY MONEY MONEY. and being all snug and cozy and comfortable. tax cuts, murder, whatever it is, they'll do it if it means they can get more money. ok, ok im really done now. anyway, i really like this poem. keep it up!

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