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for Ashes to Ashes

12/7/2005 c1 8Enchanting Catalyst
i think it should end there... and well done, with the voice. its not you, its Sandra.
6/10/2005 c1 SarahKatie
Didn't actually read this one as I am on a chocolate high and dont want to come down.
5/27/2005 c1 10Hannah Bryant
I though
11/2/2004 c1 Emma
*in a state of shock* that was amazing sada i didnt no u could write something like that sure it was depressing but it was also great i luved it fur real lol it was beautamus
10/21/2004 c1 9InSilverShadows
Sarah, your voice is FANTASTIC, the story is well-written, continue, add more!
I CAN UPLOAD! YAY! *beams*
The Dragon's Embrace is BACK UP! review or I'll... I'll... aargh, dunno what I'll do but REVIEW or I'll cry!

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