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5/26/2008 c3 22the.alaskan.musical.pig
I have discovered that i can not review on chapter 35, so i will put my review here instead!

I love Suzume, u should hook her up with Kei (unless you allready have plans)


I can not wait untill the next tour, so dont keep us (readers) waiting!

WE (readers) LOVE YOU!
5/25/2008 c1 Caged Drain
Wow... An update... Am I hallucinating?

Anyway, I didn't think that Matsu would get married. That was kind of surprising. I absolutely adored the parts with Yuuichi and Reiji. Hitomi just kept walking in on them. Heh...

Shiine with only one girl was even more surprising... "Group's official man-whore"? Hehe... That made me giggle.

The 899th review poster:

5/24/2008 c35 2Biel
Wahoo! This was great, can't wait for the next chapter. Ryou and Hitomi make a really nice couple after all!

Oh, and Asami was really cute. I'd like it if we could see more of Suzume in the upcoming chapters.

Good luck with your writing.
5/24/2008 c35 Mean titan
I loved this chapter. Twas great like always.
5/23/2008 c35 chocolate-philosophy
Yay for fanservice! Yay for Ryou drinking real coffee!
5/23/2008 c34 Eseiareieitch S
Ryou, define moody?

Damn I want some Cinnabon now
5/23/2008 c35 Sarah S
What's the rush Matsu, did you and Kasumi-chan have an "accident"? xD
5/22/2008 c35 1Hatsumi x3
I liked the scene where Ryou and Hitomi were alone together. ^^

Well, gambarre. 8D

I can't wait for your next chapter.
5/22/2008 c35 vallerine
awsome! especially loved yuuchi and reji in this chapter :)
5/22/2008 c18 1one little hollow
Mou...stopped squishing your chapters together! I can't review them on the new chapter if you do...

But yay! An update~. And right before I leave for Fanime, too.
5/22/2008 c35 Jaxmyne
Lovely chapter. Can't wait for the rest! ;p
5/22/2008 c35 Kougu
Ah they went to Starbucks, now I want a Java Chocolate Chip Frapuccino so ba~d ;-;.

What happened the to cute girl Kei spotted at the wedding? Did they dance?
5/22/2008 c35 rainbabie
Yay for another chapter update!

I love this line: "I think my stomach just ate itself..."

I totally say it all the time (me being always hungry:))

Can't wait for your next update. Hopefully the wait won't be too long!
5/22/2008 c35 yuae
ahh fanservice... XD

Do we get to meet the rest of Amaryllis or just Renji...? Glad the story is still progressing. can't wait for Nagasaki's part.
5/20/2008 c34 xXCandyGirlXx
Aw, I feel sorry for Kei.

Wow, i never knew Ryou would have a 'sex' personality. [so aggressive]

Anyway, gambarre with the story. 8D

I really want to read the rest!
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