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1/11/2008 c35 9ApplesOfDyscord
OMFG! I love you so much! Lol woohoo they FINALLY got together! *does the happy dance*
1/10/2008 c35 misha-misha
Damn! Awesome chapter! Woohoo! I loved it! Update! Hurry! I'm typing this review so fast, some of the words go messed up a bit. Hahahaha.
1/6/2008 c35 omgdeleteaccountpls
Bah! Favourite story on fictionpress! This is so amazing I could honestly cry about it.

And Ryou is awesome. I love his assertive-ness in this chapter.

And go Hitomi-chan! tear. I feel so proud of her.

Anyways, thanks for gracing the net with this awesome story and please keep pleasing us with new chapters!
1/5/2008 c35 3LianFex

GACK! You UpdATED! Please don't take months the next time you update, please? I beg of you! I had never been this addicted before! Your story rocks all, I swear! IT TOPS ALL! Please please please, update! Or I shall spam you!



PS: I'm going to read the whole story all over again!
1/5/2008 c35 18pinkfluffyoranges
Oh man I love thsi story so much. Seriously you always make up for the extra long waits with extra long juicy chapters. I'm so thrilled they finnally hooked up, and the setting fit them so well. Greatly looking forward to the next chapter, as always great work!
1/5/2008 c35 April Dawn
I'm reviewing anonymously just for you, Hitomi-san, so enjoy it. XD

Anyway, its about time you updated! LOL. Good to see that things have finally straightened out between Ryou and Hitomi... err... that is, relatively speaking. I'm sure there's much more drama you can throw at them.

Catch you later, I hope you also update soon!
1/3/2008 c35 12Kraheera-Raven
*groans* Oh my god... that was perfect!
1/1/2008 c35 8Mynmsths
Yay Their together. I loved it.

I won't kill you cause then you won't be abole to write any more but maybe when this story is over.

12/31/2007 c35 Rui
OMFG! You finally updated after two months! I love your story and I was pretty annoyed because I assumed that you wouldn't update b4 new year, I guess I was wrong. Thank you 4 updating. I want more fluff and Hitomi/Ryou moments!

12/31/2007 c35 2winter44
OMG! FINALLY! So cute! this should be a SKOW Award i swear... Anywho! i really love this story! I know you just updated but please update soon! ^^
12/30/2007 c3 52Liviania
(CH35 Review)

Very cute chapter - I love the scene of the bandmates playing around. (And Hitomi paying Ryou with a kiss . . . ) It's very cute and keeps the angst balanced.

12/30/2007 c35 Jess


Ryou and Hitomi are finally getting together!

I loved the bit with the gutair stealing - very funny.

please update quicker next time - i can't wait!
12/30/2007 c35 Azephinx
Yay! Finally their together!
12/30/2007 c35 SparklesGlitz
Oh my goodness *dies of heart attack* I've been waiting for an update for ages and this is the best year ender gift for me *cries happily* I Love kaine!

Finally Ryou and Hitomi are together. Aw. . . they're so sweet. Hope there's more fluff comin up. hehehe. . . Hope you'd be able to update soon.

Ja Ne and Happy new year ^^
12/29/2007 c35 22the.alaskan.musical.pig
Sweet! Im a new reader and i really have to hand it to you,your charicter developement it awsome. I cant wait till the next chapter!

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