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3/15/2006 c1 i had my prozac today
I cannot wait to see what happens next. UPDATE . ... PLEASE!
3/6/2006 c20 Kayla
Oh! Oh no! That's horrible! You are very cruel to leave me at a cliff hanger. It took me forever to get through this story (just started it today.) It's absolutely fabulous. I love the character's themselves, their personalties and so on. Although I must say I absolutely hate Kei. I liked him in the begining, but then I realized that Ryou like Hitomi, though I couldn't tell you when I noticed that crush, and I knew that they had to be together (this is me begging for that to happen, lol!) Also, my favorite character is Yuuichi. He reminds me of someone I once knew. Anyway terribly sorry for a horribly long review, but I was so excited about the story that I tend to ramble...even in my writing. Hope you update very soon! ~K
3/5/2006 c1 Alice
Great story...now update before I go crazy :3
2/18/2006 c22 Kurai Shinigami
WHOA. O_O I LOVE your story to bits. Seriously. This is really, really good... and hilarious too. XD I love all your characters to bits. Their manager amuses me. Anyway, enough nonsense from me: great story, keep it up! :D
2/17/2006 c22 52Liviania
Shin-chan isn't my favorite, but the lollipop scene was hilarious. I could picture it perfectly in my head.

2/16/2006 c22 2Aharah Musici
Nice to see you writing, sorry for the short review though ^_^ class~
2/10/2006 c2 laziness
I've just started reading and I think your story is really good and I like your story line so far
2/10/2006 c22 2Deideikawaii
AWESOME! UPDATE SOON PLEASE! Ryou is so cool *swoon* ^_^
2/8/2006 c22 chocolate-philosophy
poor shiine...i'd buy him all the lollipops he wants if it'd keep him happy :)

hoping for faster updates!
2/8/2006 c22 Diane
hello, i found your story randomly one day, but i really don't regret reading it. ITS SUCH A GOOD STORY! xP... I read all of it in a couple of hours, and i can't help but say that i wish i had ryou all to myself.

anyways, here is the thing... i want to do a fanart for your story. ITS JUST TOO AWESOME AND SEXY! so yeah, i was hoping that perhaps you can give me some detailed description of teh Kaine, in terms of their hair/eye colors, clothing, poses and such, and perhaps their instruments too. so yeah, please let me know via email, you can find my DA account at http:/fishdot.deviantart.com
2/7/2006 c22 stargazer starluver
loved it! update update update! more! more more! persistent much? hehe. put in more of ryou's!
2/7/2006 c22 xbluxmoonx
Pretty good chapter! Can't wait to see what happens next!
2/6/2006 c22 1Love Lulu
Well well...that whole booger-flicking was just...lovely...

Ah, I can't lie, that was disgusting!

BUT! The whole Raziel and Azrael concept was really cool. I like that it introduced you into Ryou's life a little more.

Lastly, there could have been a little bit more events happening in this chapter, but with a case of writer's block in the works, I'm sure this shouldn't be blamed on you. As a matter of fact, you should probably be commenorated because you wrote a chapter DESPITE the fact. Not many would bother to do that, including me. So, all in all, good job.

Now I'll end this all with one question...who could be the new Raziel?

Love always,Lulu
2/6/2006 c22 ro0kiE
yes! you finally updated! thank god! i've been checking fictionpress everytime i get the chance just to see if you updated. hehe. please update soon.

I like this chapter by the way.. i am very curious about raziel..
2/5/2006 c22 mousedahouse
Uwah! Its been too long since I've reviewed- very sorry about that!

I adore this story and every aspect about it. No seriously, innocence is my favorite story ever and I get all happy when I see that you've updated. Lets see.. I must say that Shin-chan is my favorite male character wtith Yuuichi as a close second (if you're curious at all lol..)

This chapter was very funny- loved the lolipop scene and the ending the most. Brilliant- just brilliant.

To the more serious side of this review: I deeply respect your attention to detail, use of dialogue and pace of the plot. Everything seems equally balanced with cherry on top. Plus sprinkles.

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