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2/5/2006 c22 1a473
Shin-kun is a very cute character, though I'd have to say Yuuichi for one reason or another has got my vote. I loved this chapter, started of angst ended in comedy and switched on and off in between. If I could write like you, I'd have no angry readers- hahaha. I hope you can update soon!


ever free
2/5/2006 c22 9Ms.Julia
lmao.. i love your story! UPDATE OR ELSE...! lmao.. yay.. :) ^_^
2/5/2006 c22 3BandAidBandit
Ah.. He was going to beat up a little fat kid... over a lollipop and a booger. xD THAT IS SO FREAKING CUTE. Although If I were to really see a grown man run after a little kid with an intent to beat him up...That would be different. Well, as long as the grown man was hot.. Who cares. .xD
2/5/2006 c22 anime-azn-angel
Shin-chan is an idiot. A funny idiot, but an idiot.


And I really like Yuuichi... It's nice that him and Ryou seem to have known each other for a while...

A lot of sudden info with Kei's Sara person... It seemed too random... But it was nice to see that Ryou helped him out...


::kills Kei::

Rika's adorable. That pudgey fat kid wasn't.

Go Shin-chan! Beat the 'theet' outta him! I would have!

And the angel concept... While you're on that topic, did you know that Abaddon is the angel of bottomless pits (Do not ask.)? Totally random, I know, but it sounds just as cool as Raziel and Azrael! Very nice though, and Ryou can draw! ::heart::

Sure... Of course the little comment about Ryou's hands meant nothing.

Hitomi's gonna be the first to figure out more about that, right? ::snickers::
2/5/2006 c22 1Katsui Adonis
Wee! You *FINALLY* updated.

This chapter was fairly good..I liked the way you described Raziel.
2/5/2006 c22 21Shojogurl
I liked the lollipop part! Pleez update soon!Thanx~*Shojogurl*~
2/1/2006 c21 7Juniper Nights
1/30/2006 c1 1Katsui Adonis
Gah! When are you gonna update?

*grows impatient*

But only because I love this story alot.
1/22/2006 c21 1Relinquish
Eh...really like the story, think you should keep writing it and make it really really long, lol. Um...I like Shiine's character the best, and I think once you've finished this story you should write many many more. Oh, and I also think you should read my story :) (please)
12/29/2005 c21 3BandAidBandit
I LOVE THIS STORY! It's SO...Well I'm torn between saying Cute, and Entertaining.

Aw...He saved her. Lol.. Update Soon!
12/28/2005 c21 stargazer starluver
hey, im so glad you updated! this chapter made me cry! i just love ryou's character! i hope we get to see his POV.curse that Maki's character though. update soon!
12/28/2005 c21 1x revolution
yes! ryou's going to be alright!
12/27/2005 c21 52Liviania
I loved the scene of her practicing-it was very well done. And the comical ending contrasted the emotional content nicely.

12/26/2005 c21 18pinkfluffyoranges
haha so good, i love this story and it really makes my day when you update! i dont like kei much and i hope he wont be with hitome chan for long, long live ryou, his hotness is amazing.
12/26/2005 c21 1a473
メリークリスマス and a happy new year to you too.

This was your best chapter to date, a very nice x-mas present indeed. :D I think Hitomi and Ryou would make a nice couple... haha, poor Kei. I really love Rika's character. She's adorable. I hope you update soon, okay?


ever free
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