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12/26/2005 c21 M 'n N
Sorry I haven't review until now. I just wanted to say that your story and your writing ability has so much potenial. I'm a bit dissapointed though, since lately your chapter have become a bit more duller and bland. I miss the comedy and the character interaction with each other. That was a major component in your story that made it enjoyable to read. The only interaction I'm actually seeing is between Kei and Hitome. It would be nice if you added a few more couples in the story, like introducing a girlfriend previously not mentioned, for one of the other band members. Until the last 2 chapters, your chappys were getting to a point where there was now plot. I happy to see that you're back on track. The romantic interactions are very well thought out. The minor characters, such as Yuuichi and Shiine are now dissapearing. I suggest you add more of them in your story. Shiine is one of the best story characters I've read about, online, in a comedy story. Personally, my favorite character is Ryou and Hitome. I liked how you made the main character like a real human being, and not another mary-sue (shudders). She had all the feelings that a normal perosn does, which is fantastic. Merry Chirstmas! I can't wait to read the next chappy. I have a good feeling that sparks between Ryou and Hitome are going to fly.
12/25/2005 c1 arcane devices
I thank you for this enjoyable read, and I can tell plot wise, (and from the number of your reviews) that your story has much potential and I look forward to reading the next chapters. - Arcane Devices
12/25/2005 c21 1Katsui Adonis
As always, this was a great chapter!
12/25/2005 c21 mousedahouse
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope you're enjoying this time of the year!

As I read this chapter on Christmas morning (1 am... ), it made the day better. Loved the chapter- amazing to see Ryou not in his stone-cold faze, and dare I say leaving hints here and there about a triangle? *gasp* I must say that the balance you have between dialogue and description is perfect. I respect you as a writer immensely and will never stop being a faithfull reviewer. Thank you so much for these wonderfull chapters.

12/24/2005 c21 xbluxmoonx
Great chapter! Oh, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too! This chapter was really great and I can't wait for the next one! :P
12/23/2005 c21 2Aharah Musici
Happy hilidays! Loved the chapter!
12/23/2005 c21 17Ebony Glasse
hey~! merry x'mas to ya too! dun worry 2 much bout the late updates - they're worth waiting for! (wish sumone could say that to me... T_T) hope u had a gd yr! c yaz~!
12/23/2005 c1 7Maiya
I really like how this story starts. Hitomi is a cool character, and Shin-chan is so lovable!
12/23/2005 c1 kathy
I like your whole story. merry x-mas & new year. please update.
12/23/2005 c21 21Shojogurl
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Pleez update soon!Thanx~*Shojogurl*~
12/23/2005 c21 9Ms.Julia
12/23/2005 c21 anime-azn-angel
I like this story, yup-yup... Yuu-chan is my favorite out of all of 'em. It is difficult to see whether or not Hiromi likes either Kei or Ryou, though I prefer Ryou. We haven't seen too much of Shin-chan or Suzume... I miss the interaction with them...

Good luck with your story and I hope you can update soon.
12/23/2005 c21 KaTz-ChAn
hehe...so Hitomi's now guilty that Ryou saved her...and to think that Kei stole another kiss from Hitomi...poor Hitomi...Ryou's starting to get sweet over Hitomi...I'm sensing some sparks here ^_^ More update please...good job for this chappie ^_^
12/23/2005 c21 BatteredSoul
Thanks for updating and hope you have an awesome holiday and new year xd
12/22/2005 c20 Caithyra
The first time I read this story (way back when it was on the fifth chapter) I didn't review. *Hits herself with a bat.*

I love the characters, and the plot is lighthearted and interesting. While I'll be making shifty eyes at Kei from now on, as well as adoring ones towards Ryou, I can't help but to enjoy the interaction between Hitomi and the boys. I will be checking back for updates. ^_^
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