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10/21/2005 c18 6Pandemonium Express
haha, wow, awesome. Intense though what with that whole thing involving Ryou and Kei. So I'm guessing Ryou likes her as well now? I suppose I'll just have to wait and see...bugger. Anyways, I LOVE YOUR STORY! -^_^- Keep writing, please!
10/21/2005 c18 9Ms.Julia
awsome chapter! i LOVE IT! pleaase continue i even reviewed with sprained fingers (basketball is screwing up my fingers but i love it so its even i guess lol) update soon kay! ciao~~
10/21/2005 c18 4Twylise
Yay! New chapter! Loved the Kei/Hitomi interaction in this chapter and really enjoyed the battle of the Lays.
10/20/2005 c18 7ziggy pop eno
I was just thinking about this story today! I'm so happy you're continuing it-I love it :) Oh, why didn't Hitomi tell Kei that she likes him, as well? He must feel bad. I'm interested to see what happens! Continue soon!
10/20/2005 c18 mousedahouse
Every chapter you write is always a treat and something I always look forward to. Even if the plot does not progress much in a chapter, it is still immensely fun to read. I adore Hitomi, unlike almost all articles of writing I read, and adore the guys even more. Interesting with the interaction between Kei and Hitomi. I think we are all expecting them to hook up eventually- or maybe even by the great mystical powers of the universe, she'd end up with Ryou. Anway, beautifully entertaining as always and I can't wait for the next installment.

~Mouse, a faithful reader
9/14/2005 c17 1a473
Whoa, that was a interesting chapter. Very good with the emotions of Hitomi. And great job with Ryou's character. Go for the next chapter~!


9/10/2005 c17 DoRehMi
it's kinda dark but really entertaining. i finished the last three chapters in thirty minutes. can you tell i like your story?
9/7/2005 c17 4Twylise
Honestly, your story is such a gem! You just handle the character interactions so carefully. Things are built up over time, no OOCness...You don't have Kei suddenly chasing after Hitmoi declaring his undying love in a ridiculous over the top manner. Hitomi for her part is obviously crushing heavily, but isn't all 'OMG! Kei is so cool! And I'll wuv him forever!" I'm not sure if I'm articulating this too well but I hope you sorta get what I mean here. Also I loved reading about the Hitomi fangirls. It really shows how far she's progressed as a member of the band. Oh! And Ryou! I can't wait to see how that develops...man, is that guy hard to read.
9/5/2005 c17 Aharah Musici
My words exactly Hitomi-chan
9/5/2005 c17 21Shojogurl
Pleez Update soon!Thanx~*Shojogurl*~
9/4/2005 c17 52Liviania
Jealousy, of course dear Hitomi. :P

9/3/2005 c17 xbluxmoonx
Aww, great chapter! Poor Hitomi, hope she gets everything figured out! So, hope you update soon! :P

9/3/2005 c17 BabyGooGoo2
another great chapter. keep it up!
9/3/2005 c17 17Ebony Glasse
YAY! FINALLY AM UPDATE! O... Ryou sounds jealous! lolz...
9/3/2005 c17 Oona-ee
oh... dare i say it?.. DRAMA!... x].. sorry.. i just really love drama.. especially love drama! xD... lol. um.. anyway, really enjoyed reading this chapter!.. it seems as Ryou is jealous to me.. i dunno.. just a theory of mine.. anyway (i say that word a lot.. ^^;;).. hope you update soon!
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