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3/5/2009 c1 1littlewitchgirl77
:3 im liking it so far but u have made a slight mistake in the meaning of the word kami there are 2 meanings one being well Kami-sama which is indeed God but if you do it with out the sama prefix it becomes simply - paper

^.^; I,m in my second year of taking Japanese so this is how I know

other than that I like it alot
3/4/2009 c40 BKGirl
OMG! Why! How can you do this? =(
2/1/2009 c37 blueskye13
YAY! ;D i found someone else who likes Joan Jett and The Blackhearts... do you by any chance know of a place where i can download their songs free? i've tried but i just cant find any place and i love them so much!
1/25/2009 c39 blueskye13
OMG, OMG! this is awesome! i stayed up the whole night reading this story and...WOW! i gets a bit too dramatic at times but i love it... please upload soon...!;D

1/23/2009 c39 Rainbow
Ahh~ please update soon

or your other Kaine on LJ =]

..or give a hint as to when you'll update
1/19/2009 c10 Damien-Rose
. fan service! hehe got to love it *giggles
12/28/2008 c39 1dreamaker13
Absolutely love Kaine. I don't even know why I waited this long to review.

I read some of the reviews and I have to agree that you do a really good job in keeping your writing style, characters and humour constant. Screw length. You're giving us more of Kaine, what's there to complain about? ^^

I love Matsu. I actually envision him as a man with a closed-lipped and a closed-eyed smile all the time. Good job in thinking him up.

Hope to hear more from you soon! (no pressure ^^)
12/22/2008 c1 Smilebyrevelation
I don't have a LJ account and I'm too lazy to log onto fictionpress.

Anyways, I've been reading this story for quite some time.

I just read that "remix" version and I want to read more of the changes. But Hitomi seems more distant and reserved in the "remix" version. I know that maybe you made her seem that way or something...

Point is, I can't wait for more =]
12/13/2008 c39 10raped by a female bunni

i was really hoping for some more fan mail of kei and shiine as a couple i know their straight but so wat?
12/10/2008 c39 8Mynmsths
Great Chapter i loved it update son
12/5/2008 c39 1hellodanika
Hello! I really wanted to be your 10th reviewer, but I couldn't wait! Haha. This is such an amazing story and I'm so glad I stumbled onto it when you recently updated. The story is executed well, and your writing and your characters remain consistent, which can sometimes be hard when writing a story over the amount of time you have. I really love the characters (especially Yuu-chan [:) and the story is really interesting. To be honest, I really envy how you can stick with this story all of these years and still maintain its quality. I wish you luck with this and your other story, and that you'll reach 10 reviewers soon [: Oh, and update as soon as possible, please. I need to find out what happens to Shin-chan [;
11/28/2008 c39 yuae
This was sort of a surprise... I never imagined Yu chan being broody!
11/22/2008 c39 APRILLL
I didn't even realize you'd updated!

Ryou's such a hardass XD But, its lovable. And poor SHIINE! The most childish member of the band is going to have a kid! Hahaha. Should be interesting :)
11/22/2008 c39 meredith
Awesome. Shin-chan was so close to guessing that Yuu-chan + Reji are actually dating. That's so funny. When they get exposed, because I know you'll expose them eventually, can you make it big and really funny? That would rock. Is Ryou ever going to trust Kei again? And is Hitomi ever going to give up her virginity to Ryou? I hope so. You rock.


11/22/2008 c39 3SamLien
Yay! You finally updated! Awesome the story just keeps getting better and better. . . hmm now i'm torn between my undying Ryou-Hitomi tandem love to my Kei-Hitomi forever love. . . gah! i'm one confused fangirl LOL. . . keep it up ^_^
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