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3/27/2005 c10 Aharah Musici
So what will she do? I hope that she quits and works on school... But I have the feeling that won't happen..
3/23/2005 c10 BatteredSoul
awesome chapter hope u update soon ^^
3/21/2005 c10 1a473
Yeah, that Hitomi's so very brutally honest to herself. It would be very interesting to have a female VK rocker- i think I've seen one. . or maybe she was something else... but wow, you put her in yet another pickle. It also seems like she's got something for Kei. And since you mentioned doodling, now I want to doodle! Maybe I'll draw your rock stars... Well update soon!

XOXO-ever free... apriLdawn
3/20/2005 c10 1Katsui Adonis
Yay! You updated. I was beginning to think that you were dead.
3/20/2005 c10 A. Pikachu
Great as always.

A. Pikachu
3/6/2005 c9 Megan108347987
i love this chapter. it doesn't really get in depth into anything though. i guess you must have been short for time, or it's an in-between chapter. but it's fabulous as usual.

i actually read this chapter yesterday, but i want a reason to procrastinate on my homework. :P lol.
3/5/2005 c9 BatteredSoul
that was awesome hope u update soon! ^ ^- Chizumi
3/4/2005 c9 4Twylise
This is fantastic! You obviously know your subject matter very well, from the guitars the band uses right up to the street directions. The characters also feel very three-dimensional and I'm curious to learn more about all of them. The pace that you're writing at is excellent as well with nothing feeling to rushed or sudden. This is going on my favourite stories list for sure!
3/4/2005 c9 5invincible summer
Yay! New chapter! :3 Can't wait for 10 - I am so hooked on this story! XD

Just a little critique though:There's so much outer dialogue going on, and not enough description of everything else. Having so much dialogue is a little tedious to read, but other than that, it's really great. Love it much! :3

Keep up the good work, and update soon, kudasai~!

3/3/2005 c9 mousedahouse
As usual, your chapters are amazingly written. I enjoyed every minute of this chapter. Hitomi's idea of being a temporary member especially caught my eye. Very clever indeed. Keep it up, I always look forward to your excellent updates. ^_^

3/3/2005 c9 Aharah Musici
Wow talk about an ass hole... I hate the manager already.
3/3/2005 c9 1x revolution
Cool story...
3/3/2005 c9 Rock My Socks
Wow... That was amazing! Something about your writing style really draws me, and I like it.

Keep writing!-Rock My Socks
3/3/2005 c9 9Ms.Julia
3/3/2005 c9 2Red Angel777
I've been waiting for you to update this since forever (even tho it hasn't BEEN forever)! I'm just so glad to see this story isn't dead. But where's the romance part? Who does Hitomi get with? I must know! Update soon, please. ^^
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