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1/4/2005 c2 4Illeander
Please, write more soon! This is an awsome story! The characters and their relationships keep growing. Love it! ~,~
1/2/2005 c7 Taian
No...Really? Hehe... Ryou must be feeling *so* awkward...

GJ! Good luck with the next chapter!
1/1/2005 c7 1a473
Yay! Jrock! I love hide, X Japan, Miyavi, and of course, Dir en Grey.

You're story is so well written, I'm drowning in jealousy! My fiction looks like nothing compared to yours!

This is _definately_ a favorite. BUT! There's no way they could play as good as Diru! Shinya and Totchi are Gods! Okay, I'm exaggerating, forgive me! Yuuichi is sort of like Shinya-kun, then? I think they would resmeble each other... Bring on the fan service ;D

Update Soon!-apriLdawn-

PS. I hear you're filipino, I'm half.
12/31/2004 c7 A. Pikachu
Things are getting more and more interesting...hope you can update.

A. Pikachu
12/31/2004 c7 2Red Angel777
Hee hee! Funny chapter! I liked the jail part. Can they really arrest people for that in Japan? Stupid question, I know. Keep up this great story! ^_^
12/31/2004 c1 6xraspberrykissesx
12/31/2004 c2 5Dark Kazega-kun
really funny. Keep it up!
12/26/2004 c6 KairiMiyazawa
your story is going well.please update soon
12/22/2004 c6 A. Pikachu
another great chapter. i'll be looking forward to more.

a. pikachu
12/20/2004 c6 2Red Angel777
We! You updated! This chapter was funny. Keep it up! ^_^
12/19/2004 c6 Taian
Is it Ayame or Suzume? Great story, Keep it up!
12/19/2004 c6 Kitsune-tejina
Hahahaha! I loved the little serenade and the scene with the pidgeons! Rika-chan is very, very cute. ^_^ Great chapter!
12/18/2004 c6 9Ms.Julia
omg I love this chapter, new facets of the chars personas ^_^ I luv it! please do hurry and continue! :D
12/18/2004 c6 Get Lucky 101
Wow this story really did change from last time I read it lol, I guess you changed the whole thing up lol but that's ok it's still good this way =P, Update ASAP

Much love Get Lucky 101
12/7/2004 c5 Sushi
Great! Update soon.
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