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12/5/2004 c5 10Ridley Jack
Lol! I love it! I love visual kei/Indie bands! I can't say that I like all of the music, and I must admit that I can't listen to too much rock because it gives me a headache, but I love stories about them. So sensual. Which one is she going to end up with? At first I thought it would be Kei, but then I thought Ryou, and I don't really think that it'll be Yuuichi, though she'll prolly get to know him really well. Is she ever gonna get her own place? Not that I want her to... actually, I like it how she's sharing the apartment with her cousin.
12/4/2004 c4 2YumeNeko
Nice, nice, nice! Another good chapter! Things are getting better! (grins) Keep it up!

12/3/2004 c5 A. Pikachu
absolutely brilliant. i'll be looking forward to more.

a. pikachu

P.s: back in chapter four, i really do like the whole hitomi/kei thing. ^^
12/2/2004 c5 mousedahouse
Your story is absolutely wonderful! You write beatifully and I admire your attention to a character's details. Keep up the great work! You are doing a wonderful job!


P.S. Update soon! I'll be checking back religiously each day!
12/2/2004 c5 Maxwell's Demon
Yay! Another spectacular chapter! I like the way Hitomi got all pissed off and everything, but darn you and your cliffhanger chapters! Then again, maybe I only think they're cliffhangers because I can't get enought of this fic! Keep it up! ^^
11/30/2004 c5 Aharah Musici
Gods you make her sound so evil...
11/29/2004 c5 9Ms.Julia
11/29/2004 c5 Kitsune-tejina
Oh clever! Very, very clever. ^_^ Another great chapter!
11/22/2004 c4 who cares4
hmif onli i could seperate the charaters...not ur fault i just have a bad things with names...yeahwell great chapi! updates are mi friends but its kewl if u dun. i dun have time aniwais!heheh no sleep.sleep deprive high skool stundent. sigh* u know the drill.peace
11/15/2004 c4 Maxwell's Demon
Write more! Write more! God, I love this fic! ^^ Poor Hitomi has an ass for a cousin! I really like the way you actually took the time to set up the plot and introduce everyone, rather than just throwing it all together and tossing the reader into the story. It's very much like real life, where people are introduced at different times and opinions are formed over time when the person finds out more about other people(if what I just said makes any sense). Um...ya, so, keep it up! ^^
11/14/2004 c4 arc
i kinda like ryou... but you seem to favor kei so... not sure if i wanna continue reading this or not.. great story though, keep it up. ja.
11/11/2004 c4 Ms.Julia
omg I'm definetly lovin this story! I can't wait to read the next chapter! lol I can totally relate to her! its crazy! lol except mine is a crazy best friend instead of a cousin and my parents (as annoying as they may be at times, lol) are still around, lol that and I live in Canada.. anyways now that you've heard a brief insight into my life during my ramblings, I'm going to let you go so that you can start typing the next chapter! ^_~ Your Pal,
11/11/2004 c4 2Aharah Musici
Intresting, I wonder wt he is thinking
11/11/2004 c3 who cares4
11/11/2004 c2 who cares4
hehe another great chapie!
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