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11/19/2008 c39 1violet-eyez
so is she going to go to ryou?
11/19/2008 c39 5Lady Silverhawk
This is a pretty awesome story. ^_^ I'm glad I found it and i can't wait until your next update!
11/19/2008 c39 little fox demon
o yay ive been waiting for this lol

im ashamed to say u got me too hooked

not to mention u update 10x fater then i

cant wait cant wait till the next chap

til then...
11/19/2008 c39 vallerine
ohh...a fight. hopefully the makeup will be nice. i hope this review is helping you to reach that 10!
11/19/2008 c39 6Mali Steelwing
You are sadistic. How much more is Hitomi going to have to put up with from Kei and Ryou? And when, exactly, is Yuu-chan going to tell his other bandmates about his relationship with Reiji?
11/19/2008 c39 1one little hollow
Hitomi-san~. Ohayou. =D

Good thing it /was/ this short, cause I read it right before I'm going to school. -hack-

Yay, more Shiine. I'm seriously attached to that kid. And. =D He's going to be a dad. That's hilarious. I pity Asami-san. He's going to be a slob and I foresee nasty future fights. ;;

Anyway. We haven't talked for a while. I'll IM you tonight or something. Good chapter. ^^
11/15/2008 c38 Lady Allaria
OMG! UPDATE! Please! I have to know what happens!
11/5/2008 c38 abandonnnnned
I loved this; simply the whole journey of the band (and of course the fan service moments) is really enjoyable. I'd really like to see where you go with this because I can't wait to see how the story ends!
11/2/2008 c1 5Mizuki Night
lovin it
11/2/2008 c38 SamLien
OMG! You updated! finally! We *runs around in circles* well that news was totally surprising. . . wow so shiine chan would be a dad soon? gah! Aw poor Yuu chan T_T RyouXHitomi moments are love! I want more! more fluff neh? XDD
10/29/2008 c38 tehcow
10/28/2008 c38 MoriMorte
awesome short but it was good. i feel bad for yuu-chan and im glad that Ryou is making some progress with Hitome. HURRAH she's prego...well i think its awesome though...i guess he doesn't feel the same way about it let alone the rest of the group.

please update soon and keep up the good work! you should consider after finishing ur story submitting it and having it published even made into an anime you know? or something because its AWESOME and worthy haha.

i wish u luck with ur writing!

A Dark White Rose
10/26/2008 c38 8Mynmsths
Gasp... but really thats cool. Please update soon!
10/25/2008 c38 Jess
Holy Crap!


I don't care whether it was short or not it was filled with everything i love:

~Ryou and Hitomi are getting closer! (YEY!)

~Tragedy with Yuuichi

~Surprise for Shiine.


Golly gee, please hurry and update soon!

I don't i can wait a month!

10/24/2008 c38 1violet-eyez
oh so he's going to have to get married now?
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