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11/11/2004 c1 who cares4
wow the update verison so RULES! rox mi bunni socks! upates are LOVED bi ME!
11/10/2004 c1 2Red Angel777
This is great! I like this one better then the old one, don't know why though. Keep up the good work! ^^
11/9/2004 c3 2Aharah Musici
I like this revised version much better, good jobwith it!
11/6/2004 c3 2YumeNeko
Pure bliss! I love how this story's going! Keep it up ^_^
11/6/2004 c1 YumeNeko
Whoohoo! You're god! Love this story... I enjoy watching Shin-chan!
He's sort of like a grown-up crayon Shin-chan ^_^
Keep it up!
11/4/2004 c3 juu-san
Wow! That was quick! Anyway, that was another good chapter.
Good luck with the next chapter!
11/3/2004 c2 juu-san
I like this version better than the last one. Hitom's clothes also seem more casual than the ones she wore in the last version.
:thumbs up: Good luck with the next chapter!
11/1/2004 c2 samizdat
this is much better that teh first one..keep it up. lolz^_^
10/30/2004 c1 A. Pikachu
i just saw your bio, and i was amazed that this was written by someone who's close to my age. I must say that you are amazing.
A. Pikachu
P.S: I'm in the same location where you are. ^^
10/30/2004 c2 A. Pikachu
I find this entertaining, and I hope you can continue. I'm amazed by your knowledge of Tokyo. ^^ I assume you've lived there?
Looking forward to more of your work,
A. Pikachu
10/29/2004 c2 Kitsune-tejina
That was great! Hahahahaha! I don't get why Shin-chan is funny though... huh.
10/26/2004 c1 ro0kiE
nice chapter! i like reading this story when it was still under parody and until one day i found out it's not there anymore. I thought it was accidentally remove or something. I was a bit surprised that you moved it under romance and changed the plot. I really like the former storyline though i don't know where it's heading and i think i will like this too.. nice job for the first chapter. :D
10/22/2004 c1 Kitsune-tejina
What happened to the original? Oh well, I guess we'll all have to be patient to see this story go up and running. Seems good so far! Br very, very pervy cousin. Cheers!
10/22/2004 c1 Aharah Musici
What prompted the edit? Anywho I really like the edit better than the origonal (so far)
10/22/2004 c1 claw merryweather
I like the story already! ;D AND VISUAL KEI. XD
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