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4/5/2007 c1 57water lily nymph
hahaha this is soo cute! my friend and i have always wanted to write "a lame punk rock song" to make fun of all the bands that think they're hardcore. we haven't gotten around to it yet, but this made me remember. very cute. ♥
12/7/2005 c1 8Enchanting Catalyst
wow. lol. check out my song lyrics... they are so different its not even funny.
11/9/2005 c1 1Link2Past
maybe i'm just in a giggly mood, but this is the freakin funniest thing i've ever read...AHAHAHA, Green Gazell. lmao...okok, till we meet
1/31/2005 c1 FlowingQuill
Yay! I laughed. I needed to laugh. Thanks bunches for the laugh and the review, and wow, was that redundant.
11/2/2004 c1 Katie B
AHAHAHAHA! The green gazelles! I thought I had heard ev'ry (heehee) nerdy name, but that beats all! AHA! By the way, who are the other sarahs?
P.S. More inapropraite language! Sorry I can't resist!
10/22/2004 c1 An-Author-At-Heart
That's so cute, I like that! I know what you mean about being in different high schools, a lot of my friends aren't in the same high school and I miss them. But I liked it, the song plot is very interesting. I usually see stuff that's about breakups and all, not about the actual singer - very creative. And my compliments to your friends on that song. Good job, keep it up!

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