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for Goodbye

2/2/2005 c1 15BecomingMyself
Your deathbell?Why is that?

No, I don't like this poem, for it is too dark and it says 'goodbye'? To whom? Not to your readers, are you?

Anyway, put M&M back up here, want to read the next chapters...please...

Finally got some time to relax and go through the works, and now you are not here anymore?Hope you will put them back up...

..And of course I am only kidding about this poem; it is nice, not up to par to your usual works, but hey, that is only my opinion...

Waiting for another poem..
10/24/2004 c1 22Blissfully Unaware
This is sweet...and sad...so bittersweet, yes. I like this a lot.
~All the best from one who is Blissfully Unaware

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