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2/22/2004 c2 18Phoenix Ignition
Interesting. I usually don't read cat stories, but this one wasn't much different than a human story. Do continue.
1/24/2004 c5 JuliaL.P.B
I luv dat Gingerbread! (squeals) It's almost Feb., so L.P.B. will come back. Do you think I'm happy? No.
No more double-spacing! Darn it. Hihih, I came back after a while. Sorry, I gotta do a project and if I fail... (cries)
Made none to weep... You've changed the title! ^_^
What does Masters have close to him? What did he take. Hopefully, da answer is in the next chapter.
Julia: I am SO not sharing any more.
1/18/2004 c4 L.P.B.Julia
(grumbles) This is Julia. I've just read the whole story... AGAIN! Lolz.
It's so awesome! I love that kitten! Is he still a kitten? What's a parcel? Nvm, I'd better look that up in a dictionary.
L.P.B. is still suspended from her computer until Feb! No, nothing's happened to her. Something happened between her and I. (winks) It's kinda like a dare, and then it'll be my turn to stay offline for about 3 months.
Super cool dare, coz she won't be telling me which fics to read. Ahaha. But she was begging me to read this.
Since she hasn't read this chapter, I'm gonna put her thoughts down:
"I loved it! Like Julia does. Lolz. Ohh, what's gonna happen now? It's so suspenseful! Is Gingerhead gonna head out to sea again? Stupid question. He's gonna go to Egypt and dat 'C' word area. Lolz. I'm not good with long words like that. Chapter 5 and 6, here I come!"
By the way, we're gonna become a member, either together or along.
1/17/2004 c6 RivanKnight
hey there
wow, this is good
Gingerhead sure is having a heck of an adventure eh..
1/16/2004 c6 Anarchist Smurfette
Cliffhangers are evil - I wanna know what happens next!
This is really, really great.
1/15/2004 c6 giygas666
Voodoo? Bast? Osiris? Statues coming to life? Now things are really starting to get really exciting! I'm enjoying this story a lot, especially the rituals and all the mystery here. I guess Gingerhead has never heard the phrase, "curiosity killed the cat." Of course, I hope he keeps on being curious; I want to see more. And I've a hunch we've not seen the last of Masters.
I'm also intrigued by the references to Ancient Egypt and its mythology. I wonder, are they mere visions or flashbacks of a past life?
Please continue this. As always, your writing is excellent. And thank you for reviewing my essay.
1/11/2004 c6 19Liathe
Wow, I loved those last three chapters. I enjoyed the way you used the ancient Egyptian rituals so well, and chapter four was very creepy. I like the mystery of this story - there is a definite feel of creepiness and foreboding, and it seems to be enhanced by Gingerhead's perceptions of things. His innocence might only be lost by the end of chapter six, but he certainly seems to see a lot more than his human companions! Then again, they're more preoccupied with other things ...
Great descriptions and sense of setting in all three chapters. I found the ritual scene in chapter five was very vivid and gruesome, as was the ending of chapter six! I also liked Gingerhead's little thoughts about the freshly killed meat: his innocent interest turning to abject horror at what he was seeing was very powerful.
1/6/2004 c2 22Loki Mischeif-Maker
Intriguing. You have an eye for description, apparently, and the dialogue- what you have of it- is good. I like the PoV, too, from the cat. The whole story has an eerie feel to it, and a sense of forboding.
1/5/2004 c6 1El Wraith
Cliffhanger. .
I really enjoyed Chapter 5; the Weighing of the Heart is one of my favourite rituals in Egyptian worship and mythology. I've actually been looking for a representation of it to keep in my room, but perhaps it might be a little strange to have a scene from the Book of the Dead on my wall.
Anyway, the creepy, solemn atmosphere was perfect for the ritual. I was confused at first when a taloned woman devoured a heavy heart - rather than the hybrid creature I'm famiiar with - but when she appeared again in Gingerhead's next dream, I realized (or assumed, at least) that she is being presented as a thing of ageless evil. An abomination, as Chapter 6 seems to suggest.
I'm dying to find out what Gingerhead sees in the Captain's cabin. Considering the nightmares he has been having lately, I may have some idea of what to expect. But that's not the same as knowing for certain. *sigh*
Hehe, I had a cat on my lap while I was reading: Dochuki, the orange tabby of the household. If I look at him in weak light, he almost looks ginger. He makes an excellent visual for this sort of thing.
1/3/2004 c6 50Rai Kamishiro
All right, you obviously have, so I can't really argue that fact, but still!
I've been overly giddy at new chapters, but I'm afraid I'll have to resort to useless threats if you ever think of leaving it at that.
Rai Kamishiro
1/3/2004 c5 Rai Kamishiro
Gingerhead bumps in to a lot of things, doesn't he?
Egyptian rituals are good. espeially when they don't seem like you pulled it out of your ass at the last seond, whih I see too many people apply to historical references people need.
Quote of the story: "I have made none to weep"
Rai Kamishiro
1/3/2004 c4 Rai Kamishiro
Ohh, happy vodun lady.
love the way you portray the town. And gingerhead is happy evil.
So tell me, do you rawl in to your at's head to write this, or do they sneak in to yours?
Rai Kamishiro
1/3/2004 c6 172Limyaael
Huh. Very interesting. I do hope that everything will be explained eventually- such as why Gingerhead appears to be the one having these visions, even though Masters is dead, and what the visions actually mean.
I like your use of foreshadowing, such as the "My innocence was dead" line. It could get heavy-handed, but it hasn't yet.
I did see one grammar mistake you might want to correct: when Jim smiles, Gingerhead describes it as at the corners of his "knees."
1/2/2004 c5 Limyaael
Very interesting. And thanks for answering the question about the wicker doll :).
I recognized the ritual, but I have to wonder who the man was; I assume that if it was Masters, then Gingerhead would have recognized him. Was it perhaps a different image or representation of him? Or will we find out who it was later? It's maddening to think the mystery might never be solved. And of course I want to find out what Masters had clutched to his chest, and what it has to do with Gingerhead.
Good job on this chapter!
1/1/2004 c4 Limyaael
Intriguing chapter. I really want to know if Gingerhead will meet the green-eyed cat again, and what it was that Masters brought on the ship. I also liked the atmosphere of spookiness, especially the animals' reactions to Mama Olya.
I am a little puzzled about the reference to the doll. If Mama Olya was sitting right there, how could Gingerhead do something without her seeing it?
Looking forward to more.
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