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for Too Young To Die

6/1/2005 c1 3Pont
*nods* isn't fanfiction awesome? ^_^

This is really touching, very well done! You can definitely 'feel' the poem.

fourth stanza from the bottom, second line, first word: 'Compleat' I think should be 'complete'

Very well done! So sad... ;_; Keep up the great work!~Ponteh
12/4/2004 c1 you know who
hey belinda-i love checking up on ur stuf. nice work. m hits a bit close to home...i didnt like it as much as ur other stuff though.
11/28/2004 c1 132mizu no kokoro
Aw... how tragic~anyways, great poetry u have here!well written even not from experience^^keep writing!

~Never the same~
11/1/2004 c1 123Raya Dronaile
wonderful and very touching. i loved the second last verse, it summed up the poem well. great job!

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