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2/25/2005 c1 RainShadow2005
I stumbled upon this piece while I was surfing. It certainly is good to read another one of your honest essays since it's been so long. I didn't know much about this law that your government is trying to pass, but it seems pretty far left-field to me. Your points make sense, especially about the fact that religion is more self-chosen than race or color. It's sad, really, that people find they have to be so PC these days. I respect people of all religions or lack thereof and I really don't let it bother me when people say I'm going to hell for being an agnostic. People are going to believe what they feel is the truth. Does the government really have to try to regulate that as well? As always, you have written a really honest and detailed essay and I enjoyed it.

11/2/2004 c1 20Once in a blue moon
There is a quote: “I have never learned anything from someone who agreed with me”. Although it is hard to argue against measures to stop discrimination, I agree with your argument.
As a point unto itself, laws can rarely change the situation. Unfortunately, people only change with time. Take, for example, the Jim Crow laws of the south. These laws promoted ‘separate but equal’ (which is an oxymoron if there ever was one) conditions, and yet they were practically a laughing stock, something to be ignored without consequence. There are many examples of this type of reaction to a law.
As a side note, why do some believe that you can only act morally if you are affiliated with a god? As a rather extreme example, look at the bombers who murder others in the name of their god. Look at George Bush. ^_^
Oh, I believe you put “simply” when you wanted to put “simple” in the last paragraph.
10/30/2004 c1 Rach
HI!. well maybe this new law you mentioned about abusing someone cause of their beliefs could also applay to ahist's (sorry about spelling) as it is a belief isn't it?.
anyway I thought this was intresting to read.
good work
see ya
10/30/2004 c1 33Tiefling
Wow. That was clearly put, and totally reasonable. Please don't be offended if I seem suprised, I've just read a lot of complete rubbish on the internet lately.
Please keep up the good work!
10/30/2004 c1 9Cthulhu
Only a member of the BNP would disagree with this legislation if they truly understood it. You are being a bit paranoid.
We will not be taking anything through to its apparant "logical extreme" due to this legislation. We will ban the incitement of violence toward people based upon their religious beleifs.
There is a line between honest criticism and the boundaries that will be in legislation that will be passed.
Didn't you watch the Secret Agent recently, a documentary that went undercover into the BNP and showed hpw this new legislation would come into effect.
Anyhow, this was a well written and non offensive, if misled piece.

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