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for The unspoken words: What kerry never shows you

10/30/2004 c1 Rara Punk
You would have made this more convincing if you had taken the time to fix your spelling and had avoided capital letters (and used them in other places). Also you need to structure your arguments more clearly other than stating immaturely 'MR KERRY IS A DEMON SEED' - and you said you had facts on the topic of oil, where did you put them? However I do agree with most of your opinions esp. on the subject of Michael Moore's 9/11 movie. I saw his work 'Bowling for Columbine', very bias.
10/30/2004 c1 8Acid Rain Clouds
I have no idea why you posted this thing. First off you say abortion is murder but you seem to not mind when Bush sent soldiers of to die. I think some people need abortion, but only if necessary as in a rape or if the parent(s) have AIDS ect.

Furthermore all I am seeing is "KERRY SUCKS" and "KERRY IS A DEMON". Most, if not all, of this is just an opinion. If you want to vote for Bush then go ahead, it just seems like your vote is based on just dislike or even hate. This review just like your "essay" is just an opinion.
10/30/2004 c1 20Nanners
Although the things in this essay like thing are true, you could have been a *tad* more polite about it. Example:
Don't get me wrong, I don't like him either, but...well, that's mean. And I understand that people are saying the same things about Bush, and they're wrong, too.
And yes, yes, yes, yes, YES, abortion is murder. THANK YOU for saying that. Poor kids. They're alive, and no one gives them a choice or anything. Just because...ugh. Makes me very mad.
So, like I said, this is pretty cool. Could have been better, but hey, it could have been a lot worse.
(This is *not* a flame, in case for some reason you think it is. I hate flames. They are evil. I am just contributing my suggestions, like you are supposed to do on this site!)
10/29/2004 c1 115Snick Mcnicket
This story is one of the best true storys i have never wrote or read it is the truth not one lie in it i hate micheal moore for turning us againest mr george bush and im happy this peice was made to help others get the facts!

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