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for And You Said I Was Beautiful

12/3/2004 c1 49SleepDontWeep
this is very emotionjerking and very i duno it hits u in the face its just so dramatic and well written!u also have the emotion of becoming paranoid written extremely well!

i like what this poem tells me.to not get too ovewhelmed cuz dats when jealousy and paranoia strike!

anyways gotta go but ill defintely cum bk to review sum more stuff!please review my story: truly madly deeply as it means alot to me! tanx x

love and admriratiuon Gretchen45 x :)
11/30/2004 c1 36Furry Elf
wow. from innocence to indignant. well, perhaps not indignant, but I'm sleep deprived and cannot think. lol it is very well written-though I don't understand the 'I became stingy' line.

there is a new poem just for you a few other of my readers.
11/21/2004 c1 74A Perfect Sonnet
Exactly.What more can I say except that I agree with this entirely?Of course, this is allowing for my being able to simply agree with a poem.But if I wish to simply agree, I believe that means I can.So I believe I will.So, quite simply, I agree.I agree "exactly."
11/1/2004 c1 35Scarlet Azalea
I can relate to this.
And your style reminds me of myself- when I'm paying attention! Good control of the verse form here- I for one always tend to let my free verse run away on its own. But you did a good job.

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