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for Little Head

12/16/2004 c1 8Jove
I've always hated the stereotype of what an "alien" looks like: green, smooth skinned, huge black shiny eyes, and Big Heads. But it was nice to hear a story in which this thing was mused over. Very short and especially "fullfilling" at the end!:)
11/5/2004 c1 1JD Kennedy
Very good, short and sweet. One spelling mistake: 'Is that there temple?' 'there' should be 'their', but thats it really. I like how you've combined two genres together.
~ JD
11/1/2004 c1 6549875654987
I love the incorporation of two genres, sci-fi and native/folklore-ish. Short but sweet.
11/1/2004 c1 G'Reth
Short and sweet. A simple premise that meets its objective.

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