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2/17/2005 c21 12OneGirlRevolution311
Awesome, awesome, awesome! I'm sad it's over. Do you plan on writing other stories? I hope so and look forward to reading them if you do.

I love the way you ended it. I don't know, it was just cool. It almost makes you wonder if Leonardo will have anything to do with the mask in the future...

Anyway, I'm so happy you updated! I thought you never would. Thanks!

Great job on this! I loved it all.

2/14/2005 c21 11Erica Beth
Im so glad you finally updated! Well I really liked this ending, good job! ~Erica
12/22/2004 c20 12OneGirlRevolution311
Almost done? Darn! I love this thing. I don't know what i'll do when you finish it.~*Nessa*~
12/21/2004 c20 soclosetofalling
Oh my gosh! Savvy you have got to finish this story! I was up with a case of my usual insomnia and I thought that I would read some more of your material. This story kicks some major ass, girl! I loved it...only you kind of have to finish the ending for me there...hehehe. Ignore me, but seriously, the story is the best! Finish it, please!P.S. I took your advice and wrote another chapter to my Dark Desire story although it's nowhere near as good as this piece. Take care and toodles!
12/18/2004 c20 17Lady of romance world88
Wow!Sasha was dark rider. Why can't she let anyone find out who's she? Why does Fredrick want to kill Derek's uncle? Oh my god, Derek was jealous. I'm gladly Derek and Sasha made up. I wonder if Derek know who's she. Hurry update soon.
12/17/2004 c20 11Erica Beth
I am so sad that it is almost over! The BLACK RIDER was a good friend of mine, lol...well this chapter was great! Is Derek going to find out it s her in the next chapter?

12/17/2004 c20 pirate-queen101
Tahnk you so much for updating! I was dying to know what was under the piece of cloth. This story is so good!
12/15/2004 c19 12OneGirlRevolution311
YAY! I can review again! (oh wow this is great)

I love this story (you already know that tho). I can't wait to see what happens next. Update!

12/14/2004 c19 11Erica Beth
Oh what is it? I really want to know! Update soon please!

One spelling error, well actually its spelled correctly its just the wrong version of the word "nun other thatn ur nephew..." should be NONE thats all.

12/14/2004 c18 1Kathleen Lane
Nice chapter. ^^ I always look forward to reading this story. Uhm.. I don't see any spelling mistakes or anything like that.. but.. I'm slepy. So. I might have missed something. Anyways, can't wait to see the next chapter, as usual.
12/14/2004 c18 12OneGirlRevolution311
That certainly wasn't what i expected. YAY! Derek finally kissed her...took him long enough. Lol.

The Derek jelousy is funny but i'm glad he and Sasha didn't get too mad at each other. I wonder when he will figure out who the Dark Rider really is...

12/14/2004 c17 OneGirlRevolution311
Any good? You're asking if it's any good? If it wasn't good do you think i would stick around this long to read it?

Anyway, i love this...sorry i would have reviewed sooner but my comp. is messed up. Can't wait to read more!

12/13/2004 c18 11Erica Beth
ah its so good! Keep writing! ~Erica
12/12/2004 c17 Erica Beth
Its so good! Update soon! I cant belive she kissed him ICK! haha well it worked!

The only thing I noticed in the last few chapters is that you used the word VERY alot, often times more than once in a sentence. There are many other words you can use!

12/12/2004 c14 Erica Beth
ok one thing...wasn't Flora's dress going to be sky blue?

ah its so good! ~Erica
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