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5/8/2012 c1 Kaitlynn
I have such a deep connection with Anar. I love how he's more understanding, empathic, and compassionate than the rest of his people. I also like that instead of using violence and punishment, he used gentleness, patients, compassion, and understanding. Sure, he might be stern at times, but Anar definatly has a pure heart. I hope you do continue this story.
4/17/2009 c4 DylanTK
Aw... I was really bummed when I realized you've completely abandoned this project. I was interested in seeing how the story progressed.
6/17/2007 c4 7MathGoth
I really, really like this, and Im very sad to see you not finishing it. You should do so, because I was left hanging.
9/11/2005 c1 9ca2longoria
Ah, so that's what the Amira look like (but with a tail, hehe), interesting. I like the sword, much more exotic than that I drew. At any rate, I've already read all four chapters of "Anar", and find the story not only an intriguing scenerio but a relieving change in scenery. You see, when I first got into Fiction-Press, I reviewed the works of a seemingly popular writer, and this story involved vampires. It was a very good story, but ever since then, the people who just happen to read my works have tended to be incredible vampire fans. Not that I have anything against vampires, mind you, I am certain they would make great venatechs, but after reading many many vampire-based stories I have honestly tired of them (though I still check up on the ones I enjoy most). So now I find a good science fiction in the midst of all these links between vampire lovers, and am glad for it. So here I come upon the universe of "Anar". Story starts off interestingly enough. I get a pretty good idea of what's going on and what the perceived reason for the so called "invasion" is. An enormous galactic alien power travels from planet to planet "enlightening" those sentient races they see as inferior, or unlenlightened I suppose. And here Earth is, target number five million twenty three or some off number like that. I find the entire situation intriguing, as stated before. Not only that, there are certain ironies you put into the story that I enjoy. For one, the Amira seek to enlighten other alien races using knowledge and philosophy and an interesting assortment of manipulative logics, and yet they themselves are quite militaristic it seems and a bit hostile toward each other. Not only this, Anar has thoughts more akin to the humans than to his own kind, and all the Amiras' speech is cinically human as well. Fun ironies. Ah, well there's lightning over here, so I've got to cut the review short, but the story's good and the characters are interesting, and I await the next chapter indeed. Gotta go (if you want to check out my works, then I advise 'V', as it is the longest and likely most enjoyable of them all thus far), Adios! :-)

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