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for The Shadows of Nephithet

1/11/2007 c1 1Ajariel the Bloody
Wow, this is beautiful.
1/29/2006 c1 133Dying Rose
AWESOME POEM! I'm adding this to my favorites list right...now. You have extreme talent. The wording, the phrasing, the imagery...Everything EXQUISITE. It is beautiful, tragical, emotional, everything a poem should be. Love it, love it, love it. I am impressed and wowed. You are an awesome writer.
12/4/2005 c1 215Harleen Napier
Very well written. I liked it.
6/28/2005 c1 120hypocrite extrodinare
That was amazing. I wish my poetry was half as good as yours. Mine is just me getting my pitiful teen angst together and attempting poetry. Which doesnt work. By the way, I hope we can bury the anger that you showed in your reveiw of my rant. You seemed a bit enraged with me. At the time, I thought it might have been the fact that I am gay, but I read your bio, and if you love "homo sex" as you refer to it, than that couldnt be the reason. So, I hope you could give me more brutally honest reveiws on my poetry, they would be much appreciated.
5/21/2005 c1 26Damned Dead Eyes
Oh, wow. This was very well written, I got a lot of great imagery from it. Keep up the great work! ^_^
5/19/2005 c1 untilI
Oh my God-I loved it! lol, something that I really really enjoyed because I'm a sadist-masochist. And well, as far as necro goes, just because you die a virgin doesn't mean you have to stay one. lol. I hate to say this, but you made a VITAL error. In your profile, you said you weren't a good writer. Well, you're dead wrong. I look forward to reading more of your wrok, esp. your poems.~Dream Forever
5/18/2005 c1 105theCoffeeEnzyme
Impressive. I've only read it once so far and my comprehension level is low so I don't quite understand it though I'm sure things will become more clear to me once I've read it a few more times. The poem was good, the rhythm was nice and it was original. I loved the way you used your obviously wide vocabulary in this poem, it really fit in with the theme. The ironic part is, I just found out who Charles de Gaulle was today and that certainly helped things. lol. I'm still lost as to what exactly a Nephithet is but, maybe I'll figure it out. Awesome poem though.
4/24/2005 c1 Arkash
'Tis like a festering sore infested with maggots...

I have to admit that you have a talent with words.
4/21/2005 c1 addie pray
Good poem. A formal tone that I'm not quite comfortable with, but some great lines. I loved the ending, it was very strong, really beautiful.
1/26/2005 c1 Tink II
vey talanted

"once again I long for the filth that lies in Nephithet city of angels shame..." that line is one of my favorites it's very attention grabbing.
1/20/2005 c1 7BlueDragonGirl1
Very mysterious. I like your poem. Great job!
1/5/2005 c1 41Suicidal Skies
I liked this, manipulation of words if your strength.

The dark themes drove me to it, and I wasnt dissapointed (sp?)
11/26/2004 c1 2Tink II
Did you even red what I Wrote I told people. "Wicca is a good religion" is the point i am trying to make. I'll have a second chapter ou before you do. Tink II
11/23/2004 c1 NeuroticGothicLolitaDeathDolly
Darling, if you want to make fun of my poems, just say so in the first place. :P

11/20/2004 c1 5On Mercury
Hey Cthulu

Thanx 4 your review. You're right. John Stein is up himself. Voronwe too. Don't listen. This WAS y amazing.

"Come my child and we shall see I, a nouveau Charles de Gaulle,

And hear my tale of decadence from whence my damnation arose.

The tomb holds dear pleasures for one willing to try,

And from one can keep her 'til as one we both die.

I look to the earth to taste the humiliation of the sky. "

I love the last verse.

See ya round

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