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11/14/2005 c1 5Mad Asher
you're right on every aspect/issue you talked about, OF COURSE. As always *sigh*.

Even though I got your review like a month ago I was feeling lazy to review for you; forgive me for being a lugibrious bastard;

Well, as it IS true that 'gay' and 'homosexual' dudes have a negative connotation (ex. viewed as evil/wrong)
9/27/2005 c1 15Queens of Broken Hearts
So... let me get this straight. You live in England, yet the only things you've written and posted on this site are flames against the American president, Bush? You're also not gay, have never had a baby or an abortion, yet you choose to believe you should hold an opinion about what our government should do about them. Ok. That's your perogative, but I retain the right saying you don't have a place in these arguements. Yeah, our government may be a little shifty, but in terms of war, it is our congress who doth makes the end decision. And amendments or laws will never go against homosexuality or abortion mainly because it is absurd to do so. Cry about your own beloved country, let others worry about theirs.
1/10/2005 c1 Stargate4003
Hmm, interesting. I agree with you on a lot of what you said, but I'm going to have to be annoying now and nag you ;)@@1st Issue! - Gun Crime. Do you honestly believe that Republicans support Gun Crime? Hell no! We support our right to bear arms, but we do not support the right to take 's why about most of us don't like abortion. Which @2nd Issue - abortion. Okay, you placed it third, but what the hell... it fits with my realize you aimed that argument at the crazy people who bomb others, but take note that we of the Christian Conservative side of the yard not only do not support killing, we do not support these bombers like Islam does not support the Suicide Bombers who are killing off the soldiers, but radical terrorists may I remind you that there ARE radical Democratic terrorists too. Just ask the man who killed my cat and spray painted his political stance on my @3rd Issue - Gay Marriage. Hate to tell you this, but Conservatives like me don't support divorce either. ;) We believe in the sanctity of marriage, which means no divorce 'm sorry you've never met a person like me who doesn't support divorce (in this day and age, really, who wouldn't?), but I just wanted to let you know wrap it all up: I am a Christian Conservative. I do not support abortion or the bombing of abortion clinics; I do not support war or murder of any kind; I do not support divorce or gay I'm disappointed that you didn't provide a solution to Gay Marriage. The solution would be making it to where ALL states viewed civil unions as legalized, non-church-based marriage. @What is marriage but a religious union?
1/4/2005 c1 20Nanners

That's what I've been saying for years now, we need someone besides some old rich white dude in office. But I think I can pretty safely assume that it's not going to happen in the near future. But we all have our fingers crossed. ;)

Hmm. This was a pretty good essay. Abortion is a sticky subject. The thing one must remember is that it is not all or even most of the pro-life people bombing the clinics and shooting the doctors, and yes that is, indeed, hypocritical. And in cases of rape or incest, allowences SHOULD be made. But in all other cases, I do believe that abortion IS wrong. Still, that doesn't give me the excuse to hurt someone who believes it's right or anything.

I am not even going to touch the gay marriage issue. I don't know enough about it. Bleh. (Just bleh, no offensive comment towards anyone or anything).

I didn't notice much talk about gun control, either. You'd think that would be a much more important issue then it is-guns are horrible. The thing is, the right to bear arms IS the Second Amendment. It's in the Bill of Rights, for goodness sake! (Which is why I see signs all over saying "blah blah blah bans guns on these premises. There is practically no place that will let you carry a gun, so why even BOTHER? I'm telling you...*sigh*). I wish that would have been a bigger issue in this election.

And they are all the same. Rich white guys. It's getting so monotonous.

Which is why I fully support the idea of a black woman president!

11/29/2004 c1 1Blueberry Wine
You're incredible! I actually laughed whilst reading this piece, because your views are similar to mine but you present them in a more entertaining manner. I like the in-your-face attitude. Keep it up! :)
11/21/2004 c1 4John Stein PhD
"They were SHOOTING, yes SHOOTING, doctors who perform abortions (WHICH IS THERE JOB, BY THE WAY) and bombing clinics doing the same."

What they did wasnt at all right (and being a massive contradiction to their beliefs makes it worse), but I wonder why you don't shine the light on animal rights activists who do the same.

"Yes, SERVED! I know Bush doesn't understand this because he never did anything like that."

Are you saying that joining the National Guard isnt serving your country? The Guard had people in Vietnam, so Bush knew he could be sent over there. And I fail to see how he could have the ability to land a plane if he did, in fact, dodge service.

Kerry went for four months, then came home and accused his fellow combatants of war crimes. His testimony was used by the Vietcong against American POW's. That's not exactly honorable service.

"GAY MARRIAGE. Wow! Look at that! You bark, they jump!"

That's so funny I'm about to throw up with laughter.

"they go "Ew! Evil! Die!""

Yes, they also hunt children on the weekends.

"From what I can see, these gay people who want to get married could be more successfully married than most heterosexual couples"

It might be more convincing if you offered some reason as to why you believe this. You know that gay couples have problems too right?

"ELECT A BLACK WOMAN! No swift boat crap! No records! REAL ISSUES"

This comes from the people constantly screaming about sexism and racism. So a black woman would do better than a white male? Maybe Condi Rice, she's both, and seeing as choices arent what decides a person's quality (and their race and sex do)she'd make the perfect president. Right?
11/20/2004 c1 43UBambassador2006
I can see some of the criticism the previous reviewers have given you but I think it was very excellent. Most of what you said was true. I didn't really like either candidate, but I respect your views on the issue. Very well done.
11/10/2004 c1 xxbroken
This wasn't as much an essay as it was a rant... A very disjointed, jumpy rant.
11/9/2004 c1 9fugiguru
"Anyway, no offence to anyone in this essay, it's just how I feel."
i HATE these kind of disclaimers. i think they're moronic cop outs. just state your opinion without worrying about whether or not people are offended or what they might think of you. don't be an asspony! but don't be offended either.. its just how i feel.
"Shown on Channel 4 in England this week was a show called The Dirty Race For The White House."
sounds unbiased, factual, and full of objectivity...
"'It's just two rich white guys battling it out, saying basically the same thing, with the same people funding and not really giving a damn about people like us! I don't care, there's no difference!'"
those are my exact feelings. kerry was a ridiculous, wishy washy candidate who has no clue how to take a stand on anything. i'd rather have his wife in office, personally. and bush is maddeningly sure in his convictions, even when he's wrong.
"Nobody really, I mean REALLY cares about Kerry's war record, because he SERVED."
well.. then why did kerry make it the central aspect of his campaign? the democrats were practically tripping over themselves to get to places in their speeches where they could utter the phrase "war hero".
" Okay, now I'm going to make Republicans everywhere hit the X in the corner now, or hit the back button. Right now, with just two words.
Wow! Look at that! You bark, they jump!"
ha! you're SO funny! how do you come up with them? 'you bark, they jump' that's a good one!
"...whenever Bush makes another speech about the 'sanctity of marriage'..."
people seem to forget that kerry wasn't exactly pro gay. he said he supported "civil unions", which is degrading to homosexual relationships, because it classifies them as beneath heterosexual relationships. all politicians are the same, and both candidates knew that mainstream voters dislike gays. it's not right, but it's the truth.
"Ah, abortion. That most violent of issues. They once did a piece on TV Nation (old show, won't bother explaining now) about these weirdoes they have in America...Operation Rescue? Yeah. They were SHOOTING, yes SHOOTING, doctors who perform abortions (WHICH IS THERE JOB, BY THE WAY) and bombing clinics doing the same."
jesus christ, what kind of media do they have across the pond? do they only mention the u.s. when african american children and abortion doctors are being shot?
only psychopaths condone the actions of people who shoot abortionists. its ridiculous to think that any rational human being would believe that that was something helpful.
"But until we know, quit judging. It's none of your business."
wherever a life is being ended, it is humanity's business, be it through abortion, the death penalty, war, or a host of other disgusting institutions humans have come up with.
11/8/2004 c1 5fanturmandos
The essay made it sound like you were shouting the whole time.

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