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for Of Things Past

12/16/2005 c6 Arkash
And again, another interesting chapter.

I like prophesies and Oracles. There's lot's of mysteries here that I hope will be explained later.

Good job! *_*
12/16/2005 c5 Arkash
Another interesting character, Arthuretta. Oh, I like her.

CC: "Even if I wanted [to]now, I couldn't..."

"We have to get back [to] my house."

This was a very nice chapter, well done. *_*
12/16/2005 c4 Arkash
You gave just enough details to introduce the new characters. Lawrie seems like a nice girl.

CC: Square bracket what should be.

"I could sell that for food it I had [to]."

"However, as I walked on, it [kept] nagging and pulling at the back of my mind."

Good job on building the suspense. *_*
12/12/2005 c4 NO LONGER USING
Brava, brava...good job, wellwritten. Ilove your character's names, they're so pretty,nice developemnt of the plot, it's getting deeper and well i really like it. p.s. yourock thanks for the reviews...laterdayz,Ihave to read some more...
12/12/2005 c3 NO LONGER USING
Short...but brilliant...I loved that little snapshot effect too kewl...lol. anyway i loved how you described Andric, bussiness like, quicky and snappy, but i still would want to see more of him. Keep updating...(good story)

P.S. btw i think you have changed my mind on this fantasy thing, your story is realy good, with deatils and description, but natural dialogue too so the story seems alost real.

Lovin' it, Lacy
12/8/2005 c3 Arkash
Mysterious chapter. I like that you don't show what Andric is really thinking about a Faerie wife.

CC:"..murder. [Then] he paused, and looked right..."

Good job! *_*
12/8/2005 c2 NO LONGER USING
A big thanyou for reviewing my story, but now to the important stuff...I usually am not a big fan of fantasy, but this story is really great, friend of my mine wildxillusions told me about your stories so i started reading this one and i have to say i really enjoy it. nIce dialogue and charcter development. One thing i might say is that the end did sound a bit hurried but other than that it was great. Keep up the good work and keep updating.
12/7/2005 c1 NO LONGER USING
Kuddos w/ the description it was really pictuarable...a great first paragraph yu've got me hooked, well i've got to sign off now and read the rest.
12/6/2005 c3 2Cirex
Short chapter, but that's ok. :) It was good, nonetheless, and painted Andric as a business-like, brusque type. At least that was my first impression. I like that reference to the lead scouts, how their faces were painted black to blend with the night. That's pretty neat.
12/6/2005 c2 Cirex
Good stuff. :)

One thing that I might add, the end of this chapter seemed a little rushed. To slow it down, you might put "I truly wondered." on its own line.

Lol, I'm pretty sure I'm being picky, but anyway. :P

Keep it up :)
12/6/2005 c1 Cirex
Wow, you did a great job with that opening. Even though I have no idea who these characters are, I already feel for the main character, and dislike Robyn for what he did. That's quite a thing to give up once's immortality for, and then to see that it was all for nought...
12/6/2005 c2 Arkash
I just couldn't resist - had to read another chapter.

"...she looked like she was in danger of falling over [from the weight of the jewels inlaid...] Inside the bracket is my suggestion. It just makes it easier to read. The description is great, btw.

Cool, royal Faries.

"My life was not going to be dictated [by the hands of others.]" Just a suggestion.

Very nice chapter. I like the intrigue and the sibling rivalry between Brenyth and Aithe.

12/6/2005 c1 Arkash
Beautiful first paragraph.

Very tense, and very intriguing.

You managed to hook me with this short chapter.

Good job! *_*
11/30/2005 c11 13Opal Fairy
Ha finished it so far. I really like it can't believe Lawrie died. Beautiful description of Arth. Look forward to an update.
11/29/2005 c3 Opal Fairy
I really like this. I hope Fey doesn't get married off to this king oh and god Robyn what a bastard. Thanks for the review just one small question did you mean the writing style was strained or the relationship within the story was strained I wasn't sure. I'll catch up with the rest later as I have a lot of HW to do too and its for tomorrow ek.

Opal Fairy
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