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8/30/2005 c6 19Lara Bykirk
Good chapter. I really like Andric. I would still like to know more about his personality, but this is a start. And now he's surely going to go and meet Aithne...nice.
8/28/2005 c5 Lara Bykirk
That was a pretty good chapter. Arth is an interesting character. I would suggest, however, letting some of her character come out in her actions and speech, instead of straight-out telling the readers in the fourth-to-last paragraph. You also had a few instances of using apostrophes when you didn't need then. Other than that, though, very good.
8/27/2005 c9 3Pont
wow, everything suddenly starts coming together! :is excited:

no, Lawrie's dead ;_; she was so awesome... and now she's... dead! :cries: at least Arth is okay. Arth's going to be okay, right? T_T

Nice chappie, no real edits. Keep up ze good work!

8/27/2005 c4 19Lara Bykirk
So the king was violently killed in some way, along with the priests...this is getting more and more interesting. I really like the way you're writing this story. The characters are very vivid.
8/25/2005 c3 Lara Bykirk
This was a nice, suggestive chapter. I liked the snapshot effect, but it would have been interesting to get a little more of Andric's character through his interaction with the scout.
8/24/2005 c2 Lara Bykirk
I really liked this chapter. I think you captured the melancholy of the narrator very well. However, I think that you could have added a little more background. For example, you say that Brenyth gradually started to hate her more and more; how was this shown? I assume that Bryneth's father died to make him king; how did this happen?
8/23/2005 c1 Lara Bykirk
This is an extremely intriguing start. I'm curious who the narrator could be. I'm glad that you didn't tell us everything right away.
8/14/2005 c9 26Scooz
I like this story, more than just the story is the way you write it. Simplistic yet poetic. Complete opposite of mine :P but I like it. Yours is probably easier to read than mine. Anyway, the opening scene was just...terrible, not in a bad way, but that was just such a sad way to start...even more sad is that is what got me hooked, lol. The human heart must be addicted to tragedy. I feel really bad for Aithne, her brother should die, not her. Who sends an assassin after his own sister? Oh and when she found Lawrie's corpseThough I think you have a smal error on this line: 'I would have to tell art,'. I assume you meant Arth instead of art. But all in all, I really like where this is going and I am looking forward to watching this story progress. And thank you for the review. Sara Doulass rocks my socks!^^

8/14/2005 c9 8bulletproof.cupid
Oh God, I hate HATE hate her brother. I really do - how could he? Those assassins... damn it. It's like they have no feelings, nothing at all - but then again, it's their job. Hmm I wonder what she's supposed to do. 'Growing up' hmm? Wowwie o.O ... good work and please do update soon!
7/26/2005 c2 7billyez26
Thanks for reviewing my story Islandbreeze. Now that that's over with, let me say I like your the first two chapters I've read. The first chapter had a great vibe to it and the paragraphs and sentences were layed out very well to add to how the main character is feeling. I especially like the part about the day mocking her. The second chapter has me interested, and I suppose that's a good thing.

I'm a stickler for political intrigue and such like the second chapter introduces so you might have me hooked.
7/26/2005 c8 5Rikku Abdul
I like this story, perhaps even more than your other one.

Your writing style is more lyrical and flowing in this story, and I noticed this especially in your description of Arth. You explained it so well that I have a perfectly clear image of what she looks like. Well done on this story so far!

I'm a little bit confused though... how can someone tell if you're a faerie? Is there some particular feature that sets them apart from humans? You've mentioned that she has an accent, but how could they tell she was a faerie so easily? Just curious... if you've mentioned it already then point it out to me...

Well, keep up the good work on this, and thank you for your review on my new story! Means a lot to me! Update soon!

~Rikku Abdul~
7/7/2005 c8 C. K. Holmes
This is excellent so far, a really masterful piece. The plot is absolutely riveting, and it's very well written.

BTW, thanks very much for the review. I'll try to keep that in mind.
6/30/2005 c8 3deelio livingston
Ooh, I really liked the two new chapters you wrote. I haven't been online in forever, but I just read the two new ones and I think you've done a good job of building a little suspense. As always, I won't guess what is going on, but rather wait for the next installment. You keep me guessing, even if the chapters are a little short...(bats eyelashes).
6/26/2005 c8 3Pont
E! Don't kill Lawrie! Don't kill Lawrie! Don't kill Arth either ;_; And definitely not "faylinn"(which is an awesome name)! Fairies are good! Well, except her brother. But you can kill him ;D

Hehe, good job! I liked the way ou did this, even if you didn't describe much, it didn't 'feel' like it was wanting anything. Nicely done! Keep updating(haha, I'm such a hypocrite XD)!


I'm beating up duchess to update her part so I can post it, but she keeps saying she has to get into the 'mood'. :/ But Last Rung will update within July sometime. Sorry about this ;_;
6/25/2005 c2 6Gilee7
Ok, I read this last nite and tried to review you, but this site was messing up or my internet was one, so yeah . . .

This chapter I thought was a bit hard to follow and get into. I'm not a big fan of the fantasy-like stories anyway. The first chapter had a lot of emotion packed into it, which lacked in this one. And with such a story like this, I think more description and more detail should be put into explaining things and exactly who everybody is and more about them and all that stuff. Go a little deeper. I also thought it a little odd that like nothing from the first chapter was mentioned in this one, not the characters or anything. Both are told in first-person, so I'm guessing that the I in chapter one is the I in chapter 2.
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