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5/2/2005 c2 kayttea
wow. this is really good! i love the way it's written it's actually really catching. i've already said that tho, lol. on to chapter 3! =P
5/2/2005 c1 kayttea
Woa. what a great begining chapter! now i have to read more! i esp. liked how you described Robyn and Gemma. this is really catching. onto chapter 2!


ps.- thanks for your review! i dont have chemestry, but for me math is totally craptacular. :-) lol.
4/27/2005 c1 12Arrow's Flight
oh wow. This is really good and it realy captures the emotions of the character. Evil Robyn.

Thank you so much for reviewing Shadow Riders.

-Arrow's Flight-

Who for the first time in her life is actually updating. Scary.

I'm going to add you to my favorite author's list.
4/17/2005 c5 3Clever Fox Cub
Has it really been so long since I last existed? I love this chapter. The characters all are so intricate, and the plot appears flawless. Are you going to continue this? I especially love the cliff-hanger! Did I mention that I'm OBSESSED with suspense novels? You should consider being published or something.
4/14/2005 c1 1Alzemu
feels very dark from the start..i hate tragedy...reason why i don't like romeo and juliet...i'm going to read a more lighter ones...let's see...
4/13/2005 c5 3deelio livingston
Arth's description is vivid; I could almost see her. In fact, you've inspired me to try and put more description of my characters in. Purple eyes indicate blindness...this was quite original, and not the only thing within this story. Is it an indicator of a disease, or something else entirely? I am very intrigued by Arth as a character, as is no doubt obvious. I assume you intend to use her somewhere within the plot, and I am already wondering what it will be. Please continue-I look forward to it. Believe in me and I'll believe in you.
4/7/2005 c1 deelio livingston
Oo, no wonder she wants the world to fall apart; I guess if my one and only walked out on me I'd be pretty pissed, too. Your style is kind of convoluted, like mine-my friends tease me that the compound/complex sentence was invented just for me. I think this has a really interesting premise, and I promise to stay with it.
4/7/2005 c1 3Clever Fox Cub
Wonderful! Great introduction. Doesn't give too much away-even suspenseful. If I wasn't in studyhall at the moment I would read-through the rest of this story and review each chapter, but seeing as the teacher is reading this over my shoulder (Hello, Mr. Nowicki), I think I'll catch up over the weekend. Thank you for reviewing my story "Away From the Sun", I'm hoping to update it soon.
3/21/2005 c5 22Chole Asterion
Beautifully written and done. Very unique names. An excellent potrayl of characters as well. You did a great job!
2/8/2005 c5 K. Jaylan
I really like how your story is starting and how the chapters have begun to get a little longer. It'll be interesting to see what comes of her stay in the town. Update soon.
11/16/2004 c4 21Seremela Minyatur
another great chapter. its very interesting so far, i can't wait to see what her brother does and stuff. update again soon, and thanks for the reviews.
11/15/2004 c3 Seremela Minyatur
i love your story! its really good so far! write more soon!
11/7/2004 c1 Seremela Minyatur
good start, but i think you could have made this first chapter a little longer. i am interested to read more though.
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