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4/4/2012 c1 1Rhaen
Hey! I'm not sure how else to message you, but I just wanted to let you know I just purchased The Reality of Fairy Tales! I was thinking about it yesterday and somehow managed to find your name again and see where it all led. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see what else you print. Somehow seeing it as an official book even makes ME proud. Can't wait to get the book now... :)
6/16/2010 c12 myanh
why haven't you updated? this story should've never been abandoned! it rivals reality of fairy tales that's how good it is. please tell me you'll pick it up again!
9/5/2009 c12 ghurl00
Love this story already:)) very intruiging..

cant wait for the next chapter:)
5/13/2007 c12 Seremela
I love it! Brian is just...yummy. Great descriptions, great plot, great everything.
7/2/2006 c1 2madame sarcasm
I just thought you should know that it is possible for two brown-eyed people to have a blue-eyed child if they are both heterozygous. It is, however, impossible for two blue-eyed people to have a brown-eyed child. Great story by the way.
1/1/2006 c12 6Justice Bana
Another really good story. I hope you stick to this one because I've gotten hooked. Hope you can update soon!
12/30/2005 c12 ReinaLucille
nice to see an update after so long! i eagerly await the next chapter!
12/15/2005 c12 gatita85
PLEASE UPDATE!Do it for your dear readers as a Christmas gift! :) It would make my day..
12/9/2005 c12 AuroraBorealis7
Woo glad you're back in the game. Please please don't tease us with one chapter for only 6 months!
12/4/2005 c12 gatita85
I can just feel the sexual tension in the air! You can't imagine how happy this chapter made me. PLEASE, PLEASE UPDATE SOON! :)
12/4/2005 c12 Kjersti
Hm... Very interesting. :)Good chapter, can't wait to read more. Love this story.
12/3/2005 c12 9ATH-dreams
Huray your back.I missed you. This was short but good. I hope you update soon.

4/19/2005 c11 ReinaLucille
such an interesting relationship between the two of them.. i cant wait to see how you make it progress!
4/14/2005 c11 shaz
i forgot all about this story! when are they gonna get it on? Brian sounds major yummy. please email when you do, cant be arsed signing in.
4/10/2005 c10 14FireBringer
Okie dokie. I was wondering why you hadn't updated 'Cupid..' until it occurred to me to look up your profile. This is pretty cool. I like the sound of the other things in the Fridge too. Keep it up!
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