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for Forever '95

4/3/2005 c10 5Mediator
Hey! I love the story. I don't totally understand the deal between Celeste and Brian but I guess that will come out in later chapters right? Update soon!
3/19/2005 c10 2I'mRadYou'reRadLetsHug
omg i seriously
3/18/2005 c10 DTsOZ
I just found this story today. I really love it. Please update soon.
3/17/2005 c10 ReinaLucille
a good in between chapter, but it's the next one i'm looking foward to!
3/16/2005 c10 AuroraBorealis7
oh waiting so patiently for the next chapter, february to march was a long time.
3/16/2005 c10 1murky
Yes, a relatively short chapter, but I'm not really complaining. =)
2/12/2005 c9 ReinaLucille
Guess I'm addicted to yet another of your stories. Naturally I can't wait for an update!
2/12/2005 c9 elle
Wow, this is so fantastic! I've been waiting for a great read since Reality of Fairy Tales!

Thank you and keep up the great work!
2/8/2005 c9 5MandyHubbard
wow...thats a hefty last line there. gosh, i wish i could just buy this book so i could keep reading it! thanks for the longer chapter! :). good stuff. I enjoy his point of view, and his denial about how he feels. very believable. and i love the surprise he had about her "super-mom" attitude... it really had me amused and interested in both him and her.

just a quick point- if she was a biology major she would know that he could be blue eyed if they were brown. Brown is a dominant gene, yes, but that means their eye color is brown even if they have blue & brown genes. (You always have 2 of every type.) If they were both brown eyed and he came out blue eyed, it would jsut mean their eye color genes were heterozygous- they had one gene of each. Basically there was a 25% chance they'd get a blue eyed kid and a 75% chance for brown. however, if they were both blue eyed and he was brown eyed, THAT wouldn't be possible. :).

anywho, just wanted to let you kow that I am still loving this story...i crossed my fingers when i saw the author alert email in hopes that it would be for this story!
2/8/2005 c9 12IHJ
It's a very homey scene. It's a very nice "reunion" between the two. Not rough, not too saccharine, either. Quiet understanding rather. It is, however, possible for two brown-eyed parents to have a blue-eyed child. Though brown is dominant, if both parents are hybrids, it's possible. What's impossible is the reverse - two blue-eyed parents have a brown-eyed kid.

Izzy J.
2/8/2005 c9 Kjersti aurora borealis
If this is the result complaining about too short chapters gives me, I have to do it more!Seriously though, brilliant chapter, I love it to pieces. I love Celeste's mom-role, and how her daughters drag her out to jump on the trampoline with her. I also really like the Celeste-Brian talk. Who am I kidding? Liked it? I LOVED it. :) I feel again sorry for Celeste for her childhood, and Brian. So he's adopted with a mother who's a junkie? Ouch. Well, he's survived anyway - and can't complain when he's got Celeste to hold his hand. :) Especially when he loves his parents.Anyway. Great chapter, can't wait for the next one. Love this story! :)
2/8/2005 c9 1murky
I think her children are pretty cool. Jumpy and so accepting of this random man that appears at their doorstep (backdoor!) and who just happens to be their mum's old friend. (It's so hot right now! bah.) Though, YAY, finally, interaction between the two. That's muchly nice. More secrets are coming to light. Can't wait for more =)
2/7/2005 c9 AuroraBorealis7
YAY! love this chapter it was worth the wait. Okay question, didn't Celeste see Brian 5-6 years ago when she was pregnant with one of her girls? Wasn't that the last time they saw each other because her youngest is in kindergarten so she should be about 5 or 6. Great job! i love this story
2/7/2005 c9 SweetDreams
Her dad used to beat her...somehow I didn't see that coming, but it makes sense. Her troubled personality and their "relationship" problems are making more and more sense. Man, they had to deal with a lot. I won't sympathize though...I see where they stand on that. LOL.

Celeste in 'mom' mode was great to read. It felt like we finally got to sit back a little and just get to know her a bit. She's great with her girls, and they're adorable. It's also great that she's allowed her money to affect her only for the better, and still keeps everything in perspective. I get the feeling the more Brian gets reaquainted, the more he's going to be impressed. This chapter really makes clear how right they are for each other. Before, their past always had some weight in that, but this whole chapter illustrates how perfect they are for the other based solely on who they are now. Before, it was just kind of accepted that they had a bond because of the past, but for the first time, they interacted without any games or whatever, and it became obvious how perfectly they click. It's almost like whatever was wrong with them before to not allow them to carry out a relationship has been taken care of, and they're (finally) ready to actually start a relationship that's healthy and lasts. But they don't know or realize that yet, and that's what makes this so intriguing. It seems like the're going to be reluctant to start anything, expecting it to be like every other time before, but they don't realize that things are different in all the important areas now.

Wow, this is way longer than I meant it be. I just hope the next chapter doesn't shoot every thing I put to pieces. Although I am expecting something like that, because your stories are so hard to predict, I don't even know why I try :)

Looking forward to the next chapter.
2/1/2005 c8 5MandyHubbard

I really must learn the secret to your amazing ability for characterzations. Somehow you come up with the most three demensional charactrs... ones I can identify with regardless of whether i've met someone even rremotely like them...by the time i'm done with the first chapter i feel like i can picture them perfectly.

I saw once that you'd said you were going ot enter this in a contest? Have you ever looked at http:/w.geocities.com/charlottedillon20/RWA-Contests.html? there's a lot of them on there. I'm working on my own historical one to do go to one of these... what one were you planning on?

Anyway, if you have AOl or msn messenger...my aol is blndcwgrl82 and my msn is pandapotato. My email is ...email me someitme...i'd really love to pick your brain about how you create your characters!
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