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for Forever '95

1/30/2005 c8 Kjersti aurora borealis
Great chapter, but way too short! I want more! :) I loved Diedre, and it's absolutely horrible what she has to go through. :( Write more soon! :)
1/29/2005 c8 SweetDreams
I like Diedre. Is she going to be a bigger part of the story now? Seems Brian and Celeste both do want they want, but she could be the one to give them a kick in the butt should they ever need it. And judging by the itsy-bitsy pieces you've revealed about their past, I'd say they needed it a long time ago.

By the way, I'm glad this story's focused on Celeste and Brian. I only care about the others in the "group" as they relate to those two. Plus, I can't remember them enough to keep them all straight, especially since the plot starts right off. Brian and Celeste both have that mysterious, yet very intriguing thing going on right now. Can't explain it right, but it's like we know nowhere near enough about them, yet that only makes them both that much more interesting. Can't predict what they're going to do, or why. And that makes me want to read as much about them as possible. Plus, their history seems to be the strangest I've ever seen...lends a intriguing dynamic to their friendship/relationship, or whatever it is right now.

Last chapter made me wonder: How can they know so much about each other...yet not? How could Celeste misread Brian's motives so badly? Or at least my perception is that she misread them. LOL

Anyway, that last sentence makes me want to beg for the next chapter...so I will. Get it out soon? Please?
1/28/2005 c8 2unfeminine wiles
ooh, interesting story. i'm hooked. update soon!
1/28/2005 c8 1murky
I like Diedre (what a unique name. to me anyway) already! Though things are starting to confuse me. He was very hung up on her? Then why'd she think he went out with her to boost his own ego..? There're definitely missing puzzle pieces. Though I know you'll be teling us soon.. I can't wait!
1/28/2005 c8 AuroraBorealis7
You made my day, the story made my day! Thank you!
1/25/2005 c7 Kjersti aurora borealis
Great story. I absolutely love it. Celeste is a great character, and Brian is very interesting as well. Brilliant. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to read more.
1/25/2005 c7 murky
I know what I wanted to say last chapter! Her ex-classmates/schoolmates must really be living in some faraway planet if they haven't heard of her! (considering she's a famous author and her first novel is about to be adapted to be a movie.) Elizabeth knows about the abuse? And what exactly did Celeste do to people... (because of her condition) She's manic depressive! Maybe that's why she's such a good writer. (I think Sylvia Plath was as well.) Cool stuff. =) Uh-oh, these thoughts of Celeste's don't bode well for Brian, nopes, I don't think they do. Besides that.. Great stuff! =) Well done with quitting smoking and fulfilling resolutions! (I never make them. I'd rather not have them, than end up breaking them.) And, I shall be terribly patient. Or at least pretend to be =)
1/25/2005 c6 murky
He shrugged? Pardon, don't get it. LOVED THAT CONVERSATION. "I have a date to get ready for.. So do you." Or something along those lines anyway. haha. Thought it was most ingenious. Still wondering why their relationship deteriorated. Impatient me! Just realised that her children have yet to really make an appearance. Don't they play a large part in her life? Think a bigger scene than the meatball one would be good. =) (though you know what you're doing. Definitely better than me anyway. )
1/25/2005 c5 murky
Why is it that mothers always seem to have suprior cooking skills? =\ My mum definitely does. (well, compared to me anyway. haha) Nice job there with her history, etc. I think things are gradually becoming clearer. and I can't wait till.. Katherine's (?) wedding! Don't know why though.
1/25/2005 c4 murky
haha. She got him GOOD mann. =) Though the dialogue just after the "cling queens" was slightly confusing. I think you switched "he"s for "she"s sometimes. (well, once or twice) So I kind of muddled through that. But otherwise, a great chapter (as usual!) =)
1/25/2005 c3 murky
Thought the whole "concentrating on phone to make it ring" thing was muchly cool! Wish it'd work all the time. I'm assuming that this thing only worked between the two of them..? HA, TAKE THAT Brian! She's a hot chick. haha. Just one tiny grammar error (kinda) that I saw: "In fact she rather he". Personally, I'd much prefer "she'd rather he". haha. Hope that's a tiny bit helpful =)
1/25/2005 c2 murky
That little flashback has confused me entirely. Though I think things will clear up as we go along. I have five more chapters! JOY =)
1/25/2005 c1 murky
I have no idea why I didn't come across this story earlier. (I read The Reality of Fairy Tales.) This sounds great right now. Has me really wondering WHAT happened. And.. is she still together with that abusive husband now? It seems to me, no. But I don't think there was anything conclusive written about that in here. Not sure. Maybe there is something there. I'm too lazy to check though =\
1/24/2005 c7 AuroraBorealis7
Patience makes everything seem more interesting so I am all right with those delays, just not as long as last time excpet whenever any author says that it is twice that. Oh well, what can a lowly reader do. Great chapterab~
12/23/2004 c3 Lemonhead754
haha brian was pretty frank when he told celeste she looked better...ah i like this story so far, but don't forget about the others!
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